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Ride the Wave of Success With Realtree Fishing’s New WAV3 Pattern


WAV3, Realtree’s newest fishing pattern for 2019, is making its own wave in the fishing industry. Now featured on a variety of Realtree fishing gear, apparel and lifestyle items, the WAV3 pattern is growing in popularity thanks to its unique look and edgy, head-turning appeal.


Realtree WAV3 2019Realtree WAV3 Fishing Pattern - the most popular fishing pattern 2019


A great addition to the Realtree Fishing family of patterns, WAV3 boasts a stylish fashion look and plenty of intricate detail that shows off well on even the smallest of products. This pattern matches the angler’s lifestyle on and off the water, with a design developed using Bill Jordan's innovative method for blending background layers to give depth and texture to all Realtree patterns.


Realtree WAV3 Fishing Pattern


This new Realtree Fishing pattern is available in a wide variety of colors, so manufacturers and consumers alike can create whatever look they desire. Colors include Standard Blue, Light Blue, Red Blue, Blue Yellow, Solar Blaze, Sunflower, Purple Rose, White, Black, Monster, Lime Green and Mountainside.


Realtree WAV3 Fishing - Lime

Realtree WAV3 Fishing - BlueRealtree WAV3 Fishing - Purple RoseRealtree WAV3 Fishing - Black Realtree WAV3 Fishing - MonsterRealtree WAV3 Fishing - OrangeRealtree WAV3 Fishing - YellowRealtree WAV3 Fishing - Strawberry LemonadeRealtree WAV3 Fishing - White


WAV3 fits the adventure, whether it be on the lake, pond, stream, inshore or offshore, while keeping customers wrapped in their favorite brand -- Realtree. 


Realtree WAV3 Fishing Pattern - the most popular fishing pattern 2019


Shoppers recognize and respect the Realtree brand and seek out items decked out with Realtree patterns or the Realtree logo. To them, that Realtree logo is synonymous with quality. So, if you’re products are sporting the new WAV3 pattern, you can ride the wave of Realtree’s success and see for yourself why an estimated $4 billion of Realtree camo and branded product is sold every year.


If you’re ready to showcase WAV3 on your products and take advantage of the Realtree name and exposure opportunities, click here for more info on licensing opportunities.