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C4 Realtree Apple Watch Bands Offer an Outdoorsy Style and a Comfortable Fit


Realtree makes everything look better. Just check out the new C4 Apple Watch Bands that have been decked out in a variety of Realtree camo and Realtree Fishing pattern options. These great-looking bands were recently added to C4’s already impressive lineup of Realtree products, which include belts and dog collars. In fact, that’s part of the appeal. C4 customers can now coordinate their Apple watch band with their belt and pup’s collar for a look that makes an unmistakable statement. These one-of-a-kind Apple watch bands are for those who love a unique look and appreciate C4’s edgy styling.


We are excited to launch our interchangeable Apple watch bands featuring iconic and stylish Realtree patterns. We are reaching a broader audience of enthusiasts who want to pair fashion with function while living the Realtree motto, which I love: Family, Friends and Outdoors.

-- Michelle Der, C4 CEO


Established as a business eight years ago, C4 Belts started off making interchangeable, solid-color straps and buckles. It then evolved into a print-on-demand business four years ago with the goal of bringing more complex and custom designs to its customers. C4 continues to work to bring a unique shopping experience to those who appreciate both unique style and comfort.


The C4 name stands for “Choose your Color, Choose your Cause.” With a belief in individual empowerment and the freedom of choice, C4 keeps authenticity at its core and celebrates humanity through helping people and animals in need. C4’s fun and functional products give customers the power to make a statement, while giving back. With each online purchase, a percentage of proceeds is donated to charities.


The Realtree Apple Watch Bands are made of premium medical-grade Thermo Elastomer material to keep your wrist comfortable in a variety of conditions. The bands are sweat-proof, antimicrobial and stink-proof. They are compatible with Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.  They are built with stainless-steel Apple watch adapter hardware and anodized aluminum classic buckle.  Best of all, Apple watch wearers can switch out their bands in less than a minute with no tools.  


Check out the newest C4 Realtree Apple Watch Bands:


Realtree EDGE Multi Apple Watch Band – Decked out in Realtree EDGE camo, this Apple watch band makes a statement while providing a secure fit. Made from premium medical-grade Thermo Elastomer blend, the band is 100% sweat proof, antimicrobial and stink proof.

Realtree EDGE Apple Watch Band

Realtree EDGE Colors Multi Channel Apple Watch Band – The Realtree EDGE Colors watch band adds a pink twist to an outdoorsy design. This unique band shows off a love for the hunt with a feminine styling. It features sweat-proof, antimicrobial and stink-proof construction.

Realtree EDGE Pink Apple Watch Band

Realtree Fishing Multi Apple Watch Band  -- If you love fishing, you’ll love this watch band. It not only looks great, but it keeps your wrist comfortable and stink free. You can even get your pup a matching dog collar!

Realtree Fishing Apple Watch Band

Realtree Timber Multi Apple Watch Band – Be the envy of duck hunters with the Realtree Timber Apple watch band. Featuring the new Realtree Timber pattern, this band looks like it was carved straight from the Delta.

Realtree Timber Apple Watch Band

Realtree WAV3 Contrast Apple Watch Band – The new Realtree WAV3 pattern is a head-turner and looks great featured on this new C4 Apple watch band. Fishing enthusiasts will appreciate the band’s resemblance to water, as well as it’s comfortable fit and sweat-free design.

Realtree Wave Apple Watch Band


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