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Metra Electronics® in Realtree Xtra Offer Outdoor Enthusiasts More Ways to Customize Their Vehicle


One of the best ways to tell whether or not someone loves to hunt is to look at his or her vehicle. Often, the outdoor enthusiast has decked out the vehicle in camo, stickers or other accessories that declare a passion for the hunt. Now hunters have even more options.


Metra Electronics® is offering its popular aftermarket radio installation kits and automotive antenna masts hydro dipped in the Realtree Xtra pattern.


This line of products using the Realtree Xtra camouflage pattern is designed for people who are passionate about hunting, guns, the outdoors and their vehicles. AmmoTenna® replacement antennas are designed and packaged for retailers, and have quickly become one of the best-selling product lines.


-- Bill Jones, president of Metra Electronics


With a commitment to quality over quantity, Metra Electronics in Central Florida continues to be the leading manufacturer of installation accessories for car audio and integration. For over 70 years, Metra has maintained its cutting edge by paying attention to the marketplace and innovating products to fit the needs of the installer.


Metra Electronics continues to keep the custom integrator and end user in mind when developing time saving and factory finished products. From the simplest of parts like connectors and splitters to vehicle safety, lighting and the most advanced audio interface solutions, Metera has its customers covered. 


Metra designs its products to be easy to use and easy on the eyes with a fit and finish that is the best in the business.


Outdoor enthusiasts can customize their vehicles with an antenna that is a replica of a .50 caliber bullet, a short or long hunting arrow replica or a 14-inch traditional rubber mast antenna. The four different styles of AmmoTennas are hydro dipped in the Realtree Xtra pattern. The replacement antennas are designed for AM/FM radio bands and vehicles with removable masts, using threaded mounting. They are easy to install and work with most vehicles with detachable roof or fender-mount antennas, and fit most factory antenna bases. Multiple adapters are included to fit different vehicle makes and models. AmmoTenna is a line of automotive antenna masts from Metra Electronics and available from distributors, retailers and automotive customization shops across North America.


Visit AmmoTenna.com for more information and to download a catalog of the replica antennas.


For truck and SUV owners who are upgrading their radios, Metra Electronics has 24 different vehicle-specific dashboard kits available in the Realtree Xtra pattern.


Metra’s TurboKits® are made in the USA and offer a seamless fit for aftermarket radio installations. These kits are available for select trucks and SUVs from Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, Ram, Suzuki and Nissan, along with select Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Liberty, and Jeep Renegade models.


A full list of kits available in the Realtree Xtra pattern is available in the AmmoTenna catalog online.


Editor’s Note: Realtree licenses 27,000 products that can be found in more than 38,000 retail locations worldwide. Whether customers are looking for rugged outdoor equipment or everyday gear that enhances their active lifestyle, it can be found in a Realtree pattern. If you’re interested in growing your business with a Realtree licensing program, let’s talk! Find out more and contact us here.


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