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Anything Possible Brands Debuted Realtree Fishing Rods at ICAST


Realtree fans looking for a great rod and reel package now have two fantastic options decked out in Realtree EDGE. Anything Possible Brands is now offering the Micro Spincast Pocket Combo Tangle-Free Telescopic combo in Realtree EDGE under the Steinhauser brand and the ProFISHiency™ 6-foot 8-inch Spinning Combo in Realtree EDGE under the ProFISHiency brand.


Both Steinhauser and ProFISHiency are under the Anything Possible Brands umbrella. Anything Possible Brands is a leading supplier of innovative fishing tackle. The products span from rods, reels and combos, to fishing lures, apparel and accessories.  The brands and licenses target a wide group of anglers from children to teens, young adults to elderly and recreational anglers to avid anglers and offer customers innovation, quality and unmatched customer service.



We are excited to combine our innovative fishing products with Realtree’s industry-leading camo designs


-- Ralph Duda, CEO Anything Possible Brands CEO



Steinhauser develops, manufactures, promotes and sells, under the Steinhauser™, No Tangler® and Starter Rods™ brands. Steinhauser owns the rights to patent protected tangle-free technology. The mission is to bring more anglers to the sport by creating a hassle-free fishing experience for people of all ages. Steinhauser tangle-free rods are designed for absolutely everyone regardless of their skill level. Steinhauser also exclusively license its technology to KID CASTERS®, the industry leaders in all things youth-fishing-related. 


Micro Spincast Pocket Combo Tangle-Free Telescopic in Realtree EDGE – This compact rod and reel combo is perfect for any adventure. Take it with you hiking, camping, kayaking, or canoeing or any other outdoor excursion where you might have the opportunity to fish. This 30-inch light-action fiberglass rod retracts to 18 inches for easy storage. It includes a metal micro spincast reel with 6-pound line and 4.1:1 gear ratio. A double EVA composition reel crank stands up to the rigors of fishing and the soft padded golf grip ensures comfortable handling. The combo comes with 1/16-ounce spinner bait and a practice casting plug.

Micro Spincast Pocket Combo Tangle-Free Telescopic in Realtree EDGE


ProFISHiency is a creative new brand of adult fishing tackle that was launched at retail spring 2018.  This brand offers anglers superior quality and performance for a fraction of the cost of its competitors.  “Quality under $50” is the motto.  The ProFISHiency product line is impressively distinguishable yet incredibly affordable.


ProFISHiency™ 6-foot 8-inch Spinning Combo in Realtree EDGE --  Designed for strength, distance and accuracy, this medium-fast-action graphite rod IM7 features a super-thin spinning reel. The high-tensile-strength nylon graphite core ensures rugged durability along with the double-anodized aluminum spool. The combo features 8 +1 precision-steel ball bearings and a smooth 5.2:1 gear ratio. Soft padded grips provide for maximum comfort.


ProFISHiency 6-foot 8-inch Spinning Combo in Realtree EDGE


Profishiency 6'8" Spinning Combo Unisex in Realtree WAV3 - Designed for bass, catfish, and many other species of fish! This combo is decked out in REALTREE Wave pattern, so not only does it look sweet, it fishes great too! Whether you are an amateur or avid angler, this is an all-purpose spinning combo that is ready for your next fishing adventure. It features a sensitive, IM7, Medium action Graphite blank with soft padded grips. Super thin spinning reel with a 5.2.1. gear ratio, 8+1 ball bearings, and a soft, padded handle.