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Beyond Phone Cases: OtterBox Coolers Perfect for Fishing Market


Folks worldwide recognize OtterBox as the leader in mobile-device protection. Outdoors enthusiasts also know OtterBox as an innovator in premium fishing gear — a distinction that will only continue to grow.


OtterBox, a longtime Realtree licensee, was founded in 1998 with a line of dry boxes largely intended for outdoor activities such as fishing, so the angling market has been important to the company for a long time, according to Garrett Walker, outdoor accounts director for OtterBox.


“Our founder is an avid fisherman, and many of our employees are as well,” he said. “We take that passion for the sport into account when we are developing products. What pain points can we solve? How can we make the experience more seamless so that you’re spending more time on the water than less trying to plan and get there?”


OtterBox produces many Realtree-branded products, including its wildly popular premium protective mobile-phone cases, such as the Defender series. However, the company is extremely excited about its new line of camouflage outdoors products.


“OtterBox Venture Coolers, launched last year, are premium hard coolers that can keep ice as long as two weeks and feature modular accessories, so you can add a rod holder, cup holder or side table (perfect for cleaning the catch of the day),” Walker said.


Venture coolers come in 25-, 45- and 65-quart models featuring Realtree Xtra.

Otter Coolers 65Q Realtree Edge | ICAST 2018


“Trooper Soft Coolers are perfect for weekend fishing getaways, with either a fliptop or wide-mouth design,” Walker said. “The 30-quart Trooper has an optional backpack carry, leaving hands free for gear. Trooper coolers are available in Realtree Edge.”


Otter Trooper 30 Realtree Edge | ICAST 2018

Otter Trooper 20 Realtree Edge | ICAST 2018


Because OtterBox has such a varied line of premium products, it’s no surprise that the company’s marketing efforts also span several channels. Walker said that wide-reaching effort is by design.


“We never say never at OtterBox,” he said. “That attitude helps push us to innovate in new product categories and try new things within marketing. The marketing mix we choose really depends on our goals for a particular product or campaign. We’ve dabbled in television but are more likely to be seen in digital platforms such as social media. It makes sense for our phone-case products, since many people are consuming digital media on their phones. For our outdoor products, we’ve expanded that mix to include television and print media as well.”


That outdoors outreach also includes trade shows, such as the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades Show, or ICAST, the world’s largest fishing trade show, which will be held July 10 through 13, 2018, in Orlando, Florida. Walker said the event provides the perfect opportunity to showcase new gear and spread the OtterBox message among the fishing community.


“We’re really just focused on getting the word out about our new outdoor products,” he said. “Most people know us for our phone cases, but we really want them to understand that the trust, durability and reliability of the OtterBox brand extends to all of our products. Our hard coolers, soft coolers and drinkware are best-in-class offerings designed to specifically address pain points currently in the market.”


In fact, he added, during the show, the company will unveil a new Realtree-branded product that should resonate with fishing pros and outdoors enthusiasts. Walker encouraged attendees to visit OtterBox’s booth, No. 2,100, to check it out.


Of course, with any collaborative effort, strong partnerships are critical. Walker said OtterBox and Realtree have forged a longstanding relationship based on mutual respect and common values.



Realtree is a tried-and-true brand that outdoorsmen and women love. Our partnership with Realtree allows us to offer a product that their fans are clamoring for. We also get to tap into great partnership marketing opportunities with Realtree, which has an amazing network of brands and industry influencers.


-- Garrett Walker, Outdoor Accounts Director for OtterBox.



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