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SeaDek Offers Four Realtree Camouflage Patterns on Helm Station Pads


Comfort plays a vital role in boating enjoyment, whether the day is spent fishing or just cruising around with the family. SeaDek Marine Products now offers its anti-fatigue Helm Station Pads in Realtree camo sketched patterns to enhance comfort during time on the water while showing off a love for the Realtree brand.


Like Realtree, SeaDek’s history is deeply rooted in an appreciation of the outdoor lifestyle. When Realtree’s expansion into the fishing market coincided with our expansion into designer laser patterning, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to join forces on a customized anti-fatigue mat for anglers that combined maximum comfort and style through Realtree’s iconic 3D blending.


-- SeaDek’s Vice President of Marketing and Advertising


SeaDek manufactures a wide range of PE/EVA non-skid products for OEM boat builders, aftermarket customers and dealers. In addition to custom products, SeaDek offers an extensive line of retail items, including DIY sheet material, anti-fatigue helm station pads, coaming bolsters and more. As a safe and comfortable alternative to molded-in non-skid, paint-on textures and other marine traction products currently available, SeaDek provides exceptional traction and aesthetically pleasing stylistic options.


Made from UV-protected nonabsorbent PE/EVA foam, SeaDek utilizes an acrylic-based 3M™ pressure sensitive adhesive for a lasting bond and simple peel-and-stick application. With a wide array of colors, textures, and thicknesses available, there is a place for SeaDek on every boat, and their quickly-growing network of SeaDek Certified Fabricators and Installers has made getting custom SeaDek easier than ever.


SeaDek offers anglers four Helm Station Pads featuring Realtree’s WAV3, MAX-5, Timber and Edge patterns. These helm pads save knees and backs thanks to the ultra-comfortable, low-density 17mm foundation with a legendary standard 3mm brushed top layer for traction and durability. No boat is complete without this essential addition.


The two-color laminated Helm Station Pads utilize SeaDek’s innovative Designer Laser Patterning technology to imprint Realtree’s distinctive camouflage on a 3mm top layer with a 17mm foundation in the following color combinations:


• Realtree WAV3 Pattern on Bahama over White

Seadek Realtree Wav3 camo Helm Pad

• Realtree MAX-5 Pattern on Mocha over Black

Seadek Realtree Max-5 camo Helm Pad

• Realtree Timber Pattern on Storm Gray over Black

Seadek Realtree Timber camo Helm Pad

• Realtree Edge Pattern on Mocha over Black

Seadek Realtree EDGE camo Helm Pad

The Helm Station Pads are available in two sizes, large (16 x 39 inches) and small (14 x 36 inches) and feature a 3M pressure sensitive adhesive for a lasting bond and easy peel-and-stick installation.


Prices range from $124.95 (Small) to $139.95 (Large).


To purchase, visit https://www.seadek.com/realtree-helmpads.html


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