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Realtree Wallenstein Outdoor Power Equipment


When not pursuing their sport of choice, hunters can often be found outdoors maintaining, managing and improving their properties. Working on hunting properties or home places can require a lot of time – time that could be spent hunting or scouting. That’s why outdoorsmen and women appreciate high-quality outdoor power equipment designed to make outdoor tasks easier and faster. Now Wallenstein is offering Outdoor Power Equipment in Realtree camo specifically for the passionate hunter.


Wallenstein is known for quality products and we needed a business partner to provide an authentic camouflage design, Realtree immediately came to mind. True professionals, Realtree has supported our camo project, which officially launched January 1, 2019.  We’ve already seen early success and foresee a positive future offering Wallenstein machines in Realtree Edge.

-- Jamie Hislop, Wallenstein sales manager


EMB MFG began building log splitters over 25 years ago near the rural community of Wallenstein, Ontario, Canada. Originally sold direct to customers, these log splitters quickly gained a reputation for being of the highest quality with exceptional durability.


These early happy customers began talking about their "Wallenstein log splitters" leading to the "Wallenstein" brand name. The company grew and within a few years, Wallenstein log splitters could be found in national retailers and farm equipment dealerships across Canada.


In 1995, EMB MFG moved to its current location outside of St. Clements, Ontario, and currently employs approximately 30 people in engineering, production and sales.


Today, the Wallenstein name is found on several different product lines being used by satisfied customers around the world. Every Wallenstein product continues to build on the reputation for durability and quality as the original log splitter.


The newest line of Realtree Wallenstein Outdoor Power Equipment is sure to make life easier for the active outdoor enthusiast.


Wallenstein BX36S Wood Chipper - The self-feeding chipper automatically pulls in limbs and branches up to 3.5 inches in diameter. Chipping action is powered directly from your tractor’s PTO.

Wallenstein BX36S Wood Chipper in Realtree EDGE


Wallenstein FX85 Skidding Winch- This Realtree camo winch features an adjustable snatch block pulley system, removable clutch assembly, two keyhole sliders, operator’ shield, witch cable and keyhole sliders, trailer hitch, two choker chains and snatch block pulley system.

Wallenstein FX85 Skidding Winch in Realtree EDGE

Wallenstein MX25G Manure Spreader- Boasting a 25-bushel capacity, the ground drive MX manure spreaders offer simplicity and reliability for applications where a PTO doesn’t exist. Offering a full-size range, MX ground drive units can be used with vehicles such as ATV’s, UTV’s or even lawn tractors. Traction implement tires are standard on GROUND DRIVE units to ensure the torque is there for a fine, consistent spread.

Wallenstein MX25G Manure Spreader in Realtree EDGE


Wallenstein WXR740 Wood Splitter- Introducing the all new Firebolt WXR740, the first 2x2 speed log splitter that is both faster and stronger. The Firebolt offers 27 tons of splitting force and an impressive 11 second cycle time. Featuring a 2-stage regenerative valve for blazing fast speed, coupled with a heavier 2-speed pump for extra power, the Firebolt offers the perfect combination of fast, efficient splitting with added strength when you need it.

Wallenstein Wallenstein WXR740 Wood Splitter in Realtree EDGE




Editor’s Note: Realtree licenses 27,000 products that can be found in more than 38,000 retail locations worldwide. Whether customers are looking for rugged outdoor equipment or everyday gear that enhances their active lifestyle, it can be found in a Realtree pattern. If you’re interested in growing your business with a Realtree licensing program, let’s talk! Find out more and contact us here.


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