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Realtree Hunting Blinds For 2019


Modern pop-up blinds have changed the way many folks hunt deer and turkeys. Why not? They’re portable, comfortable and, above all, they hide you from sharp-eyed critters. And when you dress those blinds in Realtree camouflage patterns, their effectiveness only increases.


Here’s a look at some of the best new Realtree camo-clad hunting blinds for 2019.


Ameristep Distorter

Ameristep Distorter Hunting Blind in Realtree EDGE

Ameristep’s new Distorter features never-before-seen kick-out technology to offer hunters a high-performance hub blind with next-level benefits. On the outside, it creates a unique silhouette that conceals you better than typical square blinds by better blending into the environment. Inside, Distorter opens up a new world of useful space for up to three hunters and their gear.


Inside the silent-hinge door, Distorter’s three unique floor kick-outs provide additional storage space for bulky equipment, such as packs and camera tripods. The floor kick-outs have an attached floor and sewn-in shelves to keep critical gear dry and ready. Storing items inside the kick-outs lets you avoid tripping over gear while providing improved access to the blind’s versatile, hunter-friendly windows. Up top, dual roof kick-outs add height, increasing headroom for standing and enhanced visibility. And its wrap-style carrying sling delivers utility, serving double duty as a hanging storage system. Exterior features include a heavy-duty 300D fabric shell finished in Realtree Edge.



Ameristep Silent Brickhouse

Ameristep Silent Brickhouse in Realtree EDGE

Known for its rugged Spider Hub frame, hard-working features and hunter-friendly price, the durable and dutiful Brickhouse Blind has been a favorite since it was introduced in 2010. Now, Ameristep has taken everything great about the original Brickhouse and made it better by giving it the silent treatment.


Like the original, the new Silent Brickhouse provides ample room for up to three hunters, but improved features now cloak hunters in silence. A patent-pending hinged silent-door system replaces the old zippered design, simplifying entry and exit with zero noise. Additionally, new silent mesh windows facilitate viewing and shooting adjustments without the alarming sounds of zippers or Velcro.


Additional new features of the Silent Brickhouse include patent-pending organic window shapes that lack hard lines and blend in better with the natural environment. It’s available in Realtree Edge.




Field & Stream Magnum Deluxe Ground Blind

Field & Stream Magnum Deluxe Ground Blind in Realtree EDGE


The Field & Stream Magnum Deluxe Ground Blind from Dick’s Sporting Goods comfortably fits hunters and features a large horizontal front seven-window design for maximum shot clearance, as well as silent-slide technology for quiet setup. It also offers brush-in straps for enhanced concealment. Its five-hub design allows fast, quiet setup and takedown, and its 200D Oxford non-glare weather-resistant material protects you from the elements. It comes in Realtree Xtra.




Rugged Cross Blinds

Rugged Cross Blinds in Realtree camo pattern

Using the highest quality and most durable mesh material, Rugged Cross Blinds has designed a new generation of hunting blinds. They allow hunters an unobstructed 360-degree view while hiding them from game. Attached material on the wall panels lets you see out but allows nothing to see in.


The blinds are designed for all climates, as the 3-inch insulated-foam aluminum-paneling roof keeps heat inside, and its 2-inch overhang prevents water from getting in. The patent-pending material also cuts the wind, and the light mesh material allows for 32 percent air flow. The blind frames are 100 percent aluminum, and the blinds weigh just 130 pounds. They come in Realtree Edge.




Summit Cobra Two-Person Blind


Offering innovative features and great durability for budget-minded hunters, the Summit Cobra two-person blind weighs just 14 pounds. It has several unique technologies designed to increase your odds of success. The Split Silent Slide window system provides a simple and quiet method for adjusting the mesh and window curtains for shot opportunities. Instead of hook-and-loop fasteners or some other noisy closure system, the Split Silent Slide system features integrated rails on which the window panels slide up and down. It sets up and takes down quickly, combining exceptional concealment and maneuverability. The two-person Cobra has an interior height of 66 inches, a shooting width of 71 inches and a 55-by-55-inch footprint.

The Cobra two-person blind comes in Realtree Edge


Summit Vital

Summit Vital Ground Blind in Realtree EDGE

The new Summit Vital offers the most feature-rich package for the money of any ground blind on the market. The two-person Vital, which weighs just 12 pounds, deploys quickly and easily to provide unrivaled concealment for run-and-gun hunters. It has an interior height of 65 inches, a shooting width of 74 inches and a footprint of 55 by 55 inches. Also, the Vital features hook-and-loop shoot-through mesh with barrel ports, which let you get on target fast whether you’re using bow or firearm. It comes in Realtree Edge.


Browning Hunting Blinds updated its Phantom X blind in 2017 to include a large double-door design that makes the blind more accessible for easier entry and exit.

Browning Phantom X Blind in Realtree EDGE

The 41-inch-wide double door makes carrying large gear, such as packs and blind chairs, easier and allows the blind to be more accessible. The Phantom X also features durable, brushed 600D polyester fabric with blacked-out backing for enhanced concealment and reduced noise and sheen. A ground skirt helps keep scent in and light out, and brush loops provide more concealment options. The Phantom X uses a SILENT-TRAC window system for limitless window positions, has a 180-degree curtain-style viewing area and is equipped with removable shoot-through mesh window options. It comes in Realtree Edge.


Several other Browning Hunting Blinds products are also available in Realtree Edge, including the Mirage, Phantom and Powerhouse blinds.