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The Newest Realtree Lifestyle Pattern: Realtree Fishing



Right on the heels of the introduction of the new Realtree Fishing brand comes more exciting news: the unveiling of the complementary Realtree Fishing pattern. Much like the Realtree Xtra Colors program has made a connection with sportsmen and sportswomen who enjoy showing their affinity for the industry’s No. 1 camo pattern, Realtree Fishing creates another connection to the outdoor lifestyle – with an obvious angling slant.


Realtree Fishing Patterns | Realtree B2B


The new pattern grabs the attention of anyone who’s spent even a minimal amount of leisure time on the water. No singular description can capture what the eye sees when peering into a clear lake or flowing river. The Realtree Fishing pattern emphasizes that perception, capturing the feel of reflections, refraction of light and the occasional underwater limb. Also, implications of sonar images are immediately recognizable to hardcore anglers.


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The introduction of the Realtree Fishing pattern is a natural step in expanding the company’s lifestyle reach. Just as the Xtra Colors program has created opportunities to market to outdoor enthusiasts beyond the hunting demographic, Realtree Fishing is sure to be popular with consumers who are proud of their outdoor lifestyle and value their time on and around the water.


Realtree Fishing Colors Patterns | Realtree B2B


Fishing has been a huge part of my outdoor life. My father and family were in the boat business, I fished tournaments for years, and today I spend as much time as I can fishing with my children. It was just natural to extend the Realtree brand into the fishing market.

Realtree Designer and President Bill Jordan



So many hunters are just like me and my family and our Realtree employees. We enjoy all aspects of the outdoors. I wanted to create a camouflage pattern that connected outdoors people to the great sport of fishing, and by all indications we succeeded with the Realtree Fishing pattern.

Realtree Designer and President Bill Jordan



Realtree is putting its considerable marketing muscle behind the launch of Realtree Fishing with the expectation that it can become as well-known as the iconic Realtree Xtra pattern.


The industry will get a first-hand look at some of Realtree’s key strategic partnerships related to the new pattern at ICAST, the world’s largest sportfishing tradeshow, July 11-14 in Orlando, Florida. Colosseum (Realtree Active) can be found at Booth #3943, as well as Gemini Custom Apparel at Booth #3663, and Pelican at Booth #421. Be sure to stop by their booths to see their gear with the exciting new Realtree pattern on display.



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This unique pattern extends selling opportunities and the selling season for our licensees who want another way to appeal to fishing and lifestyle customers. Because we have an established, proven brand known in the hunting market, we can use the knowledge and resources that have made us successful there to introduce a new dimension to Realtree’s reach.

Mike Swain, Realtree’s Manager of Media Sponsorship and Sales




Editor’s Note: To find out more about growing your sales or retail programs with the addition of licensed Realtree Fishing products, contact a Realtree Licensing representative today: realtree[email protected]; or (706) 569-9101.