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New Realtree MAX-7™ Conceals You in All of the Above


Realtree® knows your “X” on the map is always changing, which means you may have to hide in corn fields, milo, winter wheat, flooded rice, reedy pond edges, hedgerows, buck brush, flooded timber, cattails, or anywhere else ducks want to be. Realtree MAX-7™ conceals you in all of the above – in every scenario and in any waterfowl environment.


Highly concealing contrast and shapes, combined with the perfect combination of dark and light elements, obliterate the human outline at a distance, so you are undetectable to your winged targets. But when viewed close up, MAX-7 offers incredible detail for a dramatic impression.


Realtree Max-7™ - Coming 2022

Realtree Max-7™ Camo - This is My "X"

Realtree Max-7™ Camo conceals you in all of the above

MAX-7 is decorated with strategically placed design elements featuring high-definition cattails, reeds, limbs, leaves and brush to blend perfectly with an assortment of waterfowl settings.


When you first look at MAX-7, it just screams ducky. Then putting it in the field, it just simply disappears. – Dr. Duck


Realtree Max-7™ Camo - Best Duck Hunting Camo


Realtree MAX-7 improves upon the legacy of Realtree MAX-5, making it the next best camo pattern for hardcore duck hunters. While success is never a given, Realtree MAX-7 offers maximum effectiveness for your best shot at a full duck strap.


Realtree Max-7™ Camo - in every scenario and in any waterfowl hunting


If you’re ready to showcase REALTREE MAX-7™ camo on your products and take advantage of the Realtree name and exposure opportunities, click here for more info on licensing opportunities.



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