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DSG to Introduce Realtree MAX-7 Women’s Waterfowl Apparel for Fall 2022


DSG Outerwear is embracing the new Realtree MAX-7 camo pattern with a lineup of women’s waterfowl hunting apparel designed to protect her against harsh weather conditions while concealing her from her winged targets. MAX-7’s highly concealing contrast and shapes, combined with the perfect combination of dark and light elements, make the hunter undetectable at a distance, which is why DSG decided to decorate it’s latest waterfowl apparel and accessories in this impressive pattern.


The DSG Outerwear women’s apparel company aims to outfit and empower outdoorswomen.  DSG Outerwear focusses on women’s fit and functionality, finding new ways to innovate apparel to best suit the customer’s needs.  


“Since the launch of our hunting line, we have turned to Realtree for its quality and highly effective camouflages,” Mary Cross, DSG head designer & merchandiser, said.  “With the successful partnership and growth of our hunting apparel in Realtree camo, DSG Hunt has been able to branch off into new categories. This fall, DSG is introducing a new line with Realtree MAX-7 for our waterfowl enthusiasts which will include: the Kylie 4.0 Jacket and Drop-Seat Bibs, Flip Top Mittens, Liner Gloves, Cold Weather Neck Warmer, and Cold Weather Beanie.  The Realtree MAX-7 is a new DSG team favorite, with a realistic camouflage that captures the tall golden grasses and cracked mud of the fields and marshes, allowing you to perfectly blend into your surroundings.” 


Upcoming Realtree MAX-7 Women’s Waterfowl Apparel:

The Kylie 4.0 Drop Seat Bib/Pant will be offered in the new MAX-7 pattern this fall. This bib is designed with the female hunter in mind. It features a drop seat for quick accessibility when nature calls. These versatile bibs convert to pants by unzipping and removing the top bib portion. The Bib/Pant has an adjustable inseam that adjusts to three different lengths. It is currently available in Realtree Edge, Realtree Excape and Realtree Max-5.

DSG Kylie 4.0 Drop Seat Bib/Pant in Realtree Max-7

The Kylie 4.0 3-in-1 Hunting Jacket will be available in the new MAX-7 pattern this fall as well. This jacket allows you to adjust for various temperatures by adding or removing layers to suit your specific needs. It can be worn three different ways: with the removable fleece liner nested in the outer shell for ultimate warmth on the colder days, with the shell alone (100 grams of thin profile insulation) for slightly warmer days, or simply wear the fleece liner as a cute casual piece. The Kylie jacket is currently available in Realtree MAX-5, Realtree EDGE and Realtree EXCAPE.

DSG Kylie 4.0 3-in-1 Hunting Jacket in Realtree Max-7

DSG D-Tech Hunting Liner Camo Gloves in Realtree Max-7The D-Tech Hunting Liner Camo Gloves provide the ideal lightweight option for spring and fall hunting seasons or as a liner under other mittens or gloves. Soon available in Realtree MAX-7, the gloves are currently available in EDGE, Timber and MAX-5. Engineered using the D-Tech moisture-wicking technology, these lightweight gloves transport moisture and perspiration away from the skin to the outermost portion of the fabric, leaving the skin warm and dry. The form-fitting D-Tech material uses 4-way stretch to hug your hands, but is not a compression fit.


The Women’s Flip Top Mitten 3.0 converts from a mitten to a fingerless glove. It features quiet brushed tricot windproof material in Realtree EDGE and soon Realtree MAX-7. It has a soft fleece cuff, silicone grip palm and a zip pocket on the back of the hand to add a heat packet or open of venting.

DSG Beanie and Neckwarmer in Realtree Max-7

The Cold Weather Neckwarmer, currently available in Realtree EDGE and EXCAPE camo patterns and soon to be available in Realtree MAX-7, is super soft and berber fleece-lined to keep you warm and comfortable while concealing your face.


The DSG Reversible Beanie comes in a variety of Realtree camo patterns and will soon boast Realtree MAX-7. This beanie features two great fabrics -- a rich luxurious fleece and DSG’s Polyester/Spandex D-Tech® -- for versatility and comfort.  For temps ranging from 0 to 50 degrees, this beanie features a pony tail opening and decorative contrasting logo embroidery.



If you’re ready to showcase REALTREE MAX-7™ camo on your products and take advantage of the Realtree name and exposure opportunities, click here for more info on licensing opportunities.