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Wide Range of Huntable Species in the U.S.


In a previous blog White-tailed Deer Havest Snapshot, we reviewed some big number that explain why the white-tailed deer is America’s Number 1 big game species. Indeed, for many hunters, even those who hunt multiple species, hunting season means deer, deer and more deer … and after that there’s everything else.


While there is some form of whitetail hunting in all but five states, it’s interesting to look at the depth of opportunities for other species. Here are some of America’s most popular species and the percentage of states in which they can be pursued.


Turkey 98%

Dove 82%

Black Bear 64%

Elk 46%

Bighorn Sheep 28%

Moose 20%

Alligator 16%

Mountain Goat 14%


But there’s even more to the “beyond deer” story. Here’s the number of species, averaged for each region, for which there are hunting seasons available. (Data compiled using state hunting regulations.)

Turkey/huntable Species Hunting Map 2016 | Realtree B2B