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What Other Species do Deer Hunters Hunt?


While deer is the most popular game animal for U.S. hunters, it is helpful to understand what other species hunters are spending time and money pursuing. Not surprisingly, turkey is the biggest cross-over species for deer hunters, perhaps because turkey hunting is largely a spring sport and doesn’t compete with deer or other popular species that have fall seasons. Also, 30% of deer hunters report that they hunt small game, and 23% hunt predators.


While some gear, such as camo clothing, is frequently used while hunting cross-over species, today’s hunters are increasingly particular about using species-specific products. Think specialized vests for upland game bird hunting, electronic calls for predator hunting, etc. Duck and goose hunters, of course, have an exclusive gear list that probably outdoes every other category.


Here’s a snapshot of other species pursued by deer hunters, as compiled by a Southwick Associates Survey.

Other Species do Deer Hunters Hunt Infographic