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Top Realtree Outdoor and Hunting Toys 2017 For Kids


NKOK originally partnered with Realtree to make some unique lines of radio-controlled gear. Using Realtree’s iconic, ultra-high-quality camouflage, the synergy was instant. The camouflage took the radio-controlled vehicles to the next level. From several 4-by-4 vehicles to a bass boat, the NKOK/Realtree radio-controlled line expanded tremendously.


In fact, the collaboration continues to grow. NKOK, headquartered in Irwindale, California, now produces various Realtree-branded role-playing items, including crossbows, lanterns, binoculars, water guns, walkie talkies, compound bows toy archery, light-up archery and more.


Realtree’s first toy compound bow set is advanced and fun. With a real bow design, featuring a red LED scope, the bow’s PVC-tipped suction arrows can be propelled farther than 50 feet. It includes three arrows and even a target on which to practice. 
Realtree Camo Compound Bow Toys | Realtree B2B

This light-up archery set lights up and flashes patterns. Featuring a real bow design, it includes a practice target and three suction-tipped arrows that can be propelled farther than 50 feet. 

Realtree Camo Glow Bow Toys | Realtree B2BRealtree Pink Camo Glow Bow Toys | Realtree B2B



Realtree’s first toy compound crossbow has been re-engineered. The new, improved design features more advanced safety mechanisms and a red LED scope. Use the foot stirrup to help pull the string back, turn the safety off and enjoy. The set comes with a practice target and three PVC-tipped suction arrows. 

Realtree Camo Crossbow Toys | Realtree B2B



To complement Realtree's toy archery and water-gun lines, NKOK has introduced a high-quality bolt-action soft-dart rifle. Dressed in Realtree high-definition camouflage, the new dart rifle is easy to use, and comes with a scope and 12 soft darts with suction-cup tips. 

Realtree Softdart Camo Rifle Toys | Realtree B2B



Adventurers need to stay in touch, and these walkie talkies can keep anyone connected. The incorporation of Realtree camouflage makes them official. 

Realtree Camo Compound Bow Toys | Realtree B2B



Every adventurer must be prepared for the dark, and this new Realtree lantern fits the bill. Featuring high-definition camouflage accents, it has a built-in compass and high-powered white LEDs with adjustable brightness. 

Realtree Camo Lantern Toys | Realtree B2B


Realtree and NKOK are hitting the water with this one-of-a-kind high-powered bass boat. Featuring high-definition camouflage and a full radio control, the boat comes with replacement propellers and a boat stand. It requires six AA batteries (not included). (25051)Realtree Camo Bass Boat Toys | Realtree B2B


The  Realtree Hydro Spin Blaster can propel water up to 25 feet with its easy-to-use pumping action and ergonomic design. The main feature, however, is an innovative spin wheel. With a press of a button, the spring-loaded spin wheel diverts the water into an exciting new trajectory. 

 Realtree Hydro Spin Blaster Gun Toys | Realtree B2B


This Realtree 1-to-8 scale Extreme Terrain 2015 Ford F-150 super monster truck is powered by dual high-torque motors and can perform on almost any terrain, including grass, mud, rocks, sands and even snow. Featuring Realtree camouflage, it can easily do donuts, and front and rear wheelies. It’s equipped with massive EVA tires so it can drive in and out of water, and it can go down stairs, up curbs and over almost any obstacle. The truck includes an AC charger, a 12-volt rechargeable battery pack and a 9-volt battery for the remote. 

Realtree Camo Extreme Terrain Controller Toy Car | Realtree B2B



This radio-controlled Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is a massive 1-to-10 scale, and comes with oversized wheels, a real suspension, a high-torque motor for incredible speed and an incredibly rugged Lexan body featuring Realtree camouflage. All batteries are included. Realtree Camo Jeep Toys | Realtree B2B


The innovative suspension system on the 13-inch-long radio-controlled Realtree Rock Crawler allows unparalleled rock crawling abilities. Its motors are incredibly powerful, and the tires grip very well, yet the proportions of chassis to body are natural and stylish. With the rugged body of a 1970 Ford Bronco, the Realtree Rock Crawler is ready to climb. 

Realtree Camo Rock Crawler Bronco Toy | Realtree B2B


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