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Top Hunting Blogs You Should Follow


The Web is so big that it’s easy to get pigeon-holed into visiting the same old sites day after day. Even if you Google your favorite search terms such as “bowhunting” and “deer” you often don’t find the very best of what’s out there.


That is certainly the case with blogs. These informal posts by individuals are what make the Web great because they offer us an inside look into some parts of our favorite activity that we certainly won’t find just anywhere.


Which hunting blogs are the best of the best? That’s open for debate. But here are 10 really good ones … in no particular order:


1. The Realblog by Stephanie Mallory

Featuring a unique blend of commentary, news and human-interest briefs, this is a well-presented blog of all things outdoors. Mallory has her thumb on the collective pulse of what intrigues outdoorsmen and women and provides an aggressive posting frequency of about twice a week. Bookmark this blog, because you’ll want to keep up with all of the interesting nuggets that she feeds it.


2. Duck Commander with the Robertsons

Fun and informative, this signature blog features some of the best commentary and insights into America’s family of fowl. If you like watching their TV show, you’ll love following along on their regular posts. There’s a little bit of something for everyone, including some no-nonsense advice on hunting tactics and calling techniques from the Max-4 clad clan.


3. Brow Tines and Backstrap by Tony Hansen

Hansen covers the gamut with this whitetail-heavy blog, and he also provides some of the best commentary on the Web regarding hunting issues. He’s not afraid to tackle hot-button topics and keeps hunters’ best interests at the forefront of nearly every post. He also has a knack for discovering bizarre photos and storylines that eventually become viral successes.


4. Bone Collector blog

Stop by this good-looking site for the Bone Collector’s insights on land management, archery tactics, hunting stories and interaction with other folks who are eaten up with monster bucks, bulls, bears and birds. Included on the blog’s home page is a live Facebook feed that allows users to interact directly with the team, including Realtree’s homegrown talent Michael Waddell. 


5. Robinson Outdoors blog with Jason Herbert et al

Perhaps the most soulful blog of the lot, this weekly gem features regular messages about how faith is interwoven in many of our outdoor pursuit. Major props go out to Robinson Outdoors for allowing the author and his regular contributors to present these thought-provoking posts on a national platform. Contributors include 13 women members of the company’s Shield in the Field hunting pro staff.


6. Hoyt Archery bowhunting blog

Whether you’re into deer, elk, turkeys — with a compound or recurve — this is a cool meeting place for bowhunters. It features excellent entries on shooting techniques, gear selection, hunting advice and even bowhunting fitness. It’s a team-effort blog that also includes contributions and videos from pro archers who provide invaluable advice.


7. Weston Wild Game blog


Food blogs abound, but this one is a cut above the rest. Spectacular photography helps tell the story, but the recipes are presented in a way that you can immediately tell that the authors actually prepared them (that’s rare in cooking content, believe it or not). It’s all about wild game, too, which makes this a super treat for any hunter or angler. While you’re perusing the recipes, be sure to check out the weekly store specials, including all of the cool camo-clad processing equipment in the Realtree® Outfitters section.