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SILVADUR Antimicrobial Technology for Scent-Free Hunting Clothing



Every hunter knows that human scent can ruin a hunt. The second a deer or other game animal catches a whiff of human odor, it heads for the hills. Did you know that whitetails can detect human scent from further away that bloodhounds? Makes you think. For this reason, many hunters take extra precaution to ensure their scent remains undetectable throughout their hunt. 


One of the best safeguards against getting winded is to wear and use hunting apparel and gear that has been treated with technology designed to knock out odor-causing bacteria. That’s why Realtree encourages mills that produce Realtree licensed fabric to select and apply SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology to provide advanced odor control and fabric protection. 


SILVADUR, from the Dow Chemical Company, is a long-lasting antimicrobial technology that unites the elemental powers of silver ions with a patented delivery system to create an extremely effective, highly durable antimicrobial. 


SILVADUR is hands down the best antimicrobial on the market. Beyond the product, the support of the company from sales, to execution in production at the mill level and final testing sets the standard that all partnerships should be measured against. 

Brian Doughman, Realtree director of textiles and sourcing


The forward looking mindset and genuine concern for product performance that Realtree exhibits makes the unique, high performance odor-controlling function of SILVADUR a natural fit with Realtree products. 

Jim Krueger, Consolidated Pathways CEO and global manufacturers representative for SILVADUR



When applied to fabric surfaces, the SILVADUR antimicrobial technology forms an extensive polymeric network on fiber surfaces to become the holding pen for the needed silver ions. Through scientific engineering, the patented SILVADUR polymer is bio-responsive, providing the means for the silver ions to control unwanted bacteria and to resist the buildup of undesirable biofilms. With less bacteria on fabric surfaces, undesirable odors are controlled. Effectively controlling odors not only helps with the hunt, it can reduce the need to launder your casual clothing so frequently which can extend the strength and life of your clothing. 


Using the SILVADUR technology in Realtree products means fewer bacteria, fewer odors, less deterioration, less laundering, less water use, less detergent and less time spent in the laundry room. This antimicrobial technology is reliable, intelligent, long lasting and environmentally friendly. 


Apparel and textiles treated with SILVADUR remain odor-free use after use and wash after wash. It does not impact the touch, feel or aesthetic properties when applied to fabric surfaces and textile products. 



SILVADUR can be used to treat fibers that are used to make woven and non-woven products, such as apparel, bedding, footwear, wall and floor coverings, carpets, draperies, wiping cloths, brushes, filters, insulation, tents, awnings and tarps. 


The technology is compatible with both natural and synthetic fibers, and a broad range of common textile additives, detergents and other finishing treatments. Extensive independent testing shows that SILVADUR does not affect the moisture management properties of goods treated with it. 


For more info, check out http://www.dow.com/silvadur/.