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Realtree Wood Stickers Add a Personal Outdoorsy Touch


Outdoorsmen and women have a new and unique way to show off their love for the hunt and Realtree with Realtree Wood Stickers. Available on Amazon.com and soon on woodstickers.com, the Realtree Wood Stickers can stylishly personalize a variety of objects, such as phones, laptops, water bottles, cars, coffee mugs, bicycles, musical instruments, hat brims, gun cases, ammo cans and basically any solid surface.


The stickers are produced by Dust City Designs, which is on a mission to protect our delicate natural environment. How? Traditional vinyl stickers are not only toxic to produce, but also do not biodegrade. When you put a vinyl sticker in any environment, it will start to break down over time. When it breaks down, it breaks off into tiny flakes of PVC plastic. These flakes of plastic end up on the ground all over the world. They then get washed into rivers, lakes and out into the ocean, where they are consumed by aquatic life forms. These vinyl sticker flakes are slowly destroying our aquatic ecosystems. Dust City Designs prides itself on creating a 100% biodegradable sticker to ensure no more plastics end up in the delicate ecosystems, and that is something Realtree can get behind!


“In the short time that Dust City Wood Stickers have been on the market, we've had the pleasure of working with a multitude of major corporations,” Josh Glisan, owner of Dust City Designs, said.  “We've worked with multiple Fortune 100 companies and many more Fortune 500 companies. We've beat our way to the top of countless massive corporations. None of them have ever made us feel the way that Realtree does, though. We feel like we've become a part of a massive family that extends far beyond the Realtree office and branches out into the millions of people who love Realtree products.”


Gilsan said when visiting Realtree earlier this year, he was amazed that the second he walked through the door all attention was on him.


“I was lucky enough to be there on a day when the Realtree offices were having a family BBQ in their warehouse,” Gilsan said. “I was completely taken aback by how I was instantly a part of a huge family and was so blessed to be a part of it. We are just getting our partnership with Realtree off the ground and know that this is just the beginning of something huge.”


Gilson created Dusty City Wood Stickers while doing wood working in 2013. He spent almost two years developing the product and mastering all of the processes to make the most flexible wood veneer available anywhere on the market.


“Once we had the most flexible wood veneer, we spent a year developing a flexible clear coat for our Wood Stickers,” he said. “Even though our stickers are made from wood, they had to be able to withstand the elements and rigors that come with sticker life. Once the product was fully developed the real fun came. We quickly started creating thousands of design that appealed to every person we came across. We've so enjoyed creating a new items that is also changing the way people view stickers.”


Available in a variety of styles, the Realtree Wood Stickers are made from sustainably sourced real wood veneer. You can put them anywhere you would put a traditional vinyl sticker. You can even put the Wood Stickers through the dishwasher. The stickers are built to perform and keep up with the rigors of daily life. The Wood Stickers are extremely flexible and can even be wrapped around a pencil with no issues. Best of all, the Realtree Wood Stickers are made in the USA. In fact, all of the trees are grown and harvested in the USA under the watchful eye of the Forest Stewardship Council. The trees are then harvested, turned into veneer, and then sent to Dust City Designs in Denver, Col., where the process is completed.

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For more info, visit www.woodstickers.com