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Realtree Supports Conservation with Delta Waterfowl Partnership


A consistent theme at Realtree since the company’s inception has been generous support for conservation programs. That support continues today, with a recent example being the renewal of a corporate partnership agreement with Delta Waterfowl.


The three-year agreement names Realtree as the Official Camo Conservation partner of Delta, the century-old organization that bills itself as “The Duck Hunters Organization.”


In addition to ongoing, general support for Delta’s conservation programs, Realtree is a Presenting Sponsor of Delta’s First Hunt and First-Duck Pin programs. These are examples of important, much-needed strategies to support the initiative of recruiting and retaining new hunters.


As we pointed out here in an earlier blog post, the number of U.S. duck hunters in 2015 came up just shy of 1 million, which is roughly half the number of duck hunters there were in 1970. There’s never been a more critical time to support waterfowl hunting recruitment.


First Hunt, which began in 2001, has introduced more than 56,000 hunters to waterfowling via an immersive outdoor skills educational program that culminates with a mentored hunter.


The First-Duck Pin program encourages young hunters to share their experiences with a letter and photo, rewards them with a handsome pin and certificate, and also gives them the chance to win Realtree-sponsored prizes.


At Realtree, we believe in taking an active role in wildlife conservation, habitat improvement and the protection of our hunting heritage. These beliefs align perfectly with Delta Waterfowl, and our renewed commitment to Delta brings real energy to all of our efforts. We sincerely hope that many other manufacturers, retailers and hunters will follow us by joining Delta to help in all of their significant efforts to make the future one that we as hunters can be proud of.


-- Bill Jordan, Realtree designer and president



In addition to a major presence at Delta’s First Hunt and chapter events, Realtree will promote MAX-5 camouflage on Delta’s website and social media platforms. Delta also has the opportunity to promote The Duck Hunters Organization on Realtree’s waterfowl hunting blog and social media.



The backing of Realtree is an important and fantastic boost for our efforts to recruit the next generation of waterfowl hunters. We greatly appreciate Realtree’s commitment to conservation and support for Delta’s programs.



-- Dr. Scott Petrie, chief executive officer for Delta Waterfowl


To find out more about Delta and ways you can support the organization’s recruitment initiatives personally or professionally, visit deltawaterfowl.org.


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