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Realtree Steel Coil by Steel Dynamics Brings Outdoorsy Appeal to Metal Structures


For outdoors enthusiasts wanting a rustic/camo look for their metal hunting blinds, pole barns, garage doors or other metal structures, Realtree camo steel coils are now on the market. The Steel Dynanics TruSteel HD digital print line incorporates an inline inkjet printer, roll coater, and electron-beam curing system to produce single-sided printed steel with a Realtree camo image resolution up to 400 dpi.


Steel Dynamics (SDI) melts, rolls, metallic coats, and paints our own coils of steel. SDI invested in new technology that allows us to digitally print images on steel and many of our customers were asking for wood-grain patterns. But as we rolled out this new technology, customers started to be interested in camo and the patterns they have been asking for are Realtree. Our product is called TruSteel HD. We can produce steel from 36- to 60-inches wide and in gauges from .015 to .035. We are excited to partner with Realtree and bring their images to life on steel.

-- Don Switzer, sales manager for Steel Dynamics


Founded in 1993, Steel Dynamics is now one of the largest and most diversified domestic steel producers and metals recyclers in the United States, with facilities located throughout the United States and in Mexico. It operates using a circular manufacturing model, producing lower-carbon-emission and quality steel using electric arc furnace technology (EAF) with recycled ferrous scrap as the primary input. Its circular economy is driven by the passion and dedication of its innovative teams at each of its operating platforms: steel, steel fabrication, and metals recycling.

TrueSteel is the first HD digital print line in North America that produces 3D scanned images for lifelike depth of image. This industry-leading innovation boasts electron beam clearcoat barrier protection.


The product has a 20-year warranty on vertical applications and can be used for garage doors, interior design applications, barn doors, hunting blinds, appliances, building panels, pole barns and whatever else you can image.