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Nike SB Collection in Realtree Camo


Introducing the Nike SB Realtree™ Collection, a dynamic partnership between Nike and Realtree that seamlessly merges urban skate style with the rugged outdoors. This collaboration presents a fusion of innovation, performance, and distinctive design elements that redefine skateboarding fashion. The collection features two standout pieces that embody this synergy: the Nike SB Realtree™ Skate Kearny Cargo Pants and the Nike SB Zoom Blazer Low GT Pro Camo Skate Shoes.

Elevate your skateboarding experience with the Nike SB Zoom Blazer Low GT Pro Camo Skate Shoes. These shoes offer pro-level performance through a Zoom Air unit in the heel that provides responsive cushioning, ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride for every trick and maneuver. With enhanced impact protection and optimal board feel, you'll have the confidence to push your skills further. The Realtree Original™ Camo adds a unique and trendy element to your skate shoe collection, setting you apart both on and off the board. As part of the GT Collection, endorsed by professional skateboarder Grant Taylor, these shoes deliver the same level of performance that he relies on to push the limits of skateboarding. Crafted with premium materials, these skate shoes feature a durable construction that can withstand the rigors of skateboarding, from flip tricks to grinds. The rubber outsole's herringbone pattern provides exceptional grip and traction on your skateboard, ensuring control and confidence as you conquer various surfaces and terrains. Order your pair today and take your skate sessions to new heights!


The Nike SB Realtree™ Skate Kearny Cargo Pants seamlessly blend style and functionality, catering to skateboarders who demand versatile apparel that holds up under pressure. These cargo pants boast a relaxed fit and articulated knees, providing the mobility and comfort needed for dynamic moves on your board. The Realtree Original™ Camo pattern not only adds an element of style but also lets you embrace the outdoors with a nod to nature. With multiple cargo pockets, you'll have ample space to carry your essentials while on the move, without compromising your style. Whether you're conquering the skate park or exploring the urban landscape, these cargo pants offer a perfect form and function.