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New Realtree Fishing Brand Baits and Lures


As a general rule, hunters like to fish and anglers like to hunt, so it only makes sense for the two worlds to come together from time to time. Birch Island Bait Co. understands this love of all things outdoors and has come on board as the first licensee of Realtree Fishing™, offering more than 100 SKUs from the Realtree line, which it unveiled at the March 2017 Bassmaster Classic Expo in Houston, Texas.


The fishing lure and accessory company is based at Gull Lake, Minnesota, and specializes in unique solutions and quality products for anglers, including coolers, tackle boxes and freshwater lures. Many of the company’s designs reflect other outdoors passions, and that philosophy is exemplified by Birch Island’s partnership with Realtree.


“We see the partnership with Realtree as a natural synergy,” Bob Rauch, president of Birch Island Bait Co., said.  “Realtree has a reputation as the industry leader in quality and lifelike products in the hunting industry. Our fishing lure company and our products share the same DNA — quality and lifelike.


“While our Realtree Fishing line of lures include the core, tried-and-true baits, we also feature new, patented products such as our Dirt Worm™ soft plastics and our Jig-It™ series of innovative crankbaits and wire baits. We are already heavy into research and development with future revolutionary lures for release in 2018 and beyond.”


The Birch Island Bait Co. web store launched on April 5,, 2017, and features its patent-pending Jig-It™ Spinner.  The lures will have suggested retails from $4.99 to $9.99. 


You are invited to visit the website at www.birchislandbait.com and accept the offer of 20% off your first purchase, using the code “RTBLOG”.  Distributors and dealers can contact Bob@BirchIslandBait.com directly for pricing.


Realtree Products:


Realtree fishing 4” Laminate Creature – Drag the Realtree Laminate Creature bait across early spring spawning beds, rocky bottom structure or Texas rig it for deep water in the summer. The 4” bait comes in four of the best-performing laminate colors.

Realtree 4” fishing brand Laminate Creature baits


Realtree Fishing Jig-It Spinner – You don’t have to worry about hanging up in branches and brush when fishing with this spinner bait. This innovative bait features a titanium arm that bends upon retrieval to prevent snags when fishing the "thick stuff." The lure can be fished like a jig, a spinner and anything else in between. 


Realtree Fishing spinning Baits 2017


Realtree fishing 4” Camo Creature - The Realtree “Camo Creature” bait is ideal for dragging across early spring spawning beds, rocky bottom structure or fished in deep water when Texas rigged for the summer. The 4” creature comes in four of the best-performing swirl colors: green/chartreuse, orange/black, red/black, and blue/black.



Realtree fishing 5” Camo TrickStick – If it’s versatility you want, then the Realtree 5” Camo TrickStick should be your choice. This version of the popular Stick Worm Bait is the most versatile on the market. The 5" Realtree Camo Trick Stick comes four of the best producing swirl patterns.


Realtree fishing 5” TrickStick – For adaptability, this version of the popular Stick Worm Bait is ideal. The 5" Realtree Laminate Trick Stick in four of the best producing laminate patterns.


Realtree fishing 5” Swim Bait -- The most versatile swim bait on the market, the Realtree swim bait features a ribbed body for maximum vibration in addition to tail action that entices even the most stubborn fish. This swim bait comes in a 5” size in four of the best-producing lifelike patterns.


Realtree “Hi Def” Crank Bait (available Nov. 2017) -- These crank baits are designed to “match the hatch,” replicating bait fish species such as crappie, perch, shiners and shad. The crank baits come in shallow divers, deep divers, top water and lipless models to cover all parts of the water column.


Realtree “Hi Vis” Crank Bait (available Nov. 2017) – Each one of these unique iridescent crank baits has more than 300 diamond facets that refract light for a real lifelike shimmer in the water, replicating the natural iridescence of fish scales. The crank baits come in shallow divers, deep divers, top water and lipless models to cover all parts of the water column.

Realtree Fishing Crank Baits and Lures

For more info, call 612-290-1960 and visit www.birchislandbait.co.


Editor’s Note: Realtree licenses 27,000 products that can be found in more than 38,000 retail locations worldwide. Whether customers are looking for rugged outdoor equipment or everyday gear that enhances their active lifestyle, it can be found in a Realtree pattern. If you’re interested in growing your business with a Realtree licensing program, let’s talk! Find out more and contact us here.