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New Realtree EDGE Camo Mathews V3 Enhances Agility Without Sacrificing Accuracy


Mathews Archery introduces the stealthy and agile 2021 V3 with features that will provide bowhunters with added agility and stealth without sacrificing accuracy, and best of all, it’s offered in Realtree EDGE camo.


With an even longer riser to axle-to-axle ratio than the award-winning VXR, the new V3 boasts a completely redesigned limb and limb cup, all-new patent-pending Centerguard™ Cable Containment system and the new Nano 740™ Damper. The V3 is a stealthy, agile rig that will perform exceptionally no matter the challenge.


The geometry of our V3 platform opened up a new threshold of capabilities, allowing us to increase the overall riser length while keeping an ultra-compact frame with unmatched stability. Paired with our new harmonic damper for ultimate stealth and Center guard technology for perfect timing, the V3 27 & 31 give hard-core bowhunters more function than ever before. It’s our most advanced hunting platform to date.

-- Brad Treu, VP of Sales and Marketing



For more than 28 years, Mathews Archery has been committed to elevating the archery experience with premier target and hunting bows featuring breakthrough technologies that have raised industry standards in accuracy, speed and stealth. All Mathews bows are designed and built in Sparta, Wisconsin, and distributed through independent retailers around the world.


From the very first bow design to the latest flagship model, Mathews maintains every aspect of the build in-house. It sources the best materials and micromanages the manufacturing process to deliver quality and craftsmanship.


Offered in 27-inch ATA for ultimate agility in tight spaces or 31-inch ATA for maximum stability, the V3 gives hunters a compact rig without compromising Mathews’ industry-leading accuracy. Both share a 6-inch brace height and deliver speeds up to 342 fps.


A new Centerguard system places the roller guard in the true center of the bow, resulting in optimal cam timing to maximize tunability while also adding additional vane clearance.


The new extended bridged riser cuts weight while maximizing length and rigidity in critical areas. The V3 sports the longest riser to axle-to-axle ratio Mathews has ever built.


The all-new deflected limbs and past-parallel geometry, paired with a redesigned limb cup, cuts weight while increasing performance and efficiency.

The new riser platform and limb geometry also increases cam efficiencies and enhances the effects of 3D Damping® for less noise and vibration than ever before. The V3 deploys the all-new Nano 740, which is calibrated and tuned to the specific harmonics of these models. This new extended position also provides added balance at full draw.


The SwitchWeight™ Technology allows shooters to change peak draw length and draw weight in 5-pound increments via the cam’s module instead of changing limbs. Available in 60-, 65-, 70- and 75-pound peak weights, each set of mods are programmed for an incredibly smooth draw and maximum efficiency. Mods are available in 80% or 85% let-off for further customization.


Introduced in 2020, the Silent Connect System (SCS) is compatible with the V3. This optional kit enables hunters to attach Mathews’ Genuine bow rope and bow sling in the field quickly and silently, and is available in stores and online.

realtree mathrews 2021 v3 bow



V3 27


  • Brace Height: 6 inches
  • IBO Rating: Up to 336 fps@29.5 inches
  • Axle-to-Axle: 27 inches
  • Draw Weights: 60,65,70,75 pounds
  • Draw Lengths: 25-29.5 inches
  • Let-Off: 80 or 85%
  • Physical Weight: 4.29 pounds
  • Cam: CC W/SwitchWeight


V3 31


  • Brace Height: 6 inches
  • IBO Rating: Up to 342 FPS
  • Axle-to-Axle: 31 inches
  • Draw Weights: 60,65,70,75 pounds
  • Draw Lengths: 26-30.5 inches
  • Let-Off: 80 or 85%
  • Physical Weight: 4.50 pounds
  • Cam: CC W/SwitchWeight


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