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New Realtree Camo Jewelry in 2016 By Titanium Buzz


For many, hunting isn’t simply a hobby, it’s a way of life. Hunters often express their outdoor lifestyle through the clothes they wear, the vehicles they drive and the décor they put in their homes. Titanium Buzz provides the enthusiastic hunter with an additional way to express his or her passion for the hunt with unique, edgy jewelry boasting Realtree camo and branding.


Titanium Buzz started off as a part-time hobby for owner Kevin Begola, but turned into a lucrative business thanks to its unique and attractive titanium jewelry designs. As his business grew, Begola recognized there was a niche that wasn’t being filled. Those passionate about the outdoor lifestyle were lacking in jewelry choices that reflected their love for the outdoors.


“I knew I wanted to partner with the best camo company on the market, so that’ when I reached out to Realtree,” Begola said. “I was the first one to come to them to get a license in the jewelry category for my camo rings. I still remember the first couple of conversations I had with Realtree’s licensing department about creating a camo engagement ring. We followed through with the design and were shocked by how well it worked out for us.”


Begola says the engagement rings were just the jumping off point for a large line of camo and Realtree-themed jewelry that continues to evolve with new designs, styles, patterns and metals.

“Our camo rings have developed a word-of-mouth following, and Realtree has been a huge part of that with our partnership. Our next focus will be on new designs within our current line, as well as some focus on new fashion jewelry pieces.

The new Realtree signature line includes a number of edgy and stylish designs ideal for displaying one’s love for the hunt no matter where he or she goes.


Realtree Antler Camo RingLadies Realtree Logo Ring

Realtree Antler Camo Ring

The Realtree antler logo and camo ring blends a few customer favorites into a comfort fit titanium band. The ring features a flat profile with the carved Realtree antler logo and the camo inlay of your choice.  $299


Ladies Logo Ring

Boasting style and attitude, this cool, lightweight titanium ring features a wide 9mm profile and a bold Realtree signature logo. The striking magenta background makes the antler logo pop in the design. $275


Black Signature Realtree Ring

This black signature Realtree ring showcases what everyone loves about Realtree, the outdoor lifestyle and the overall feeling of being in the woods. This titanium ring features a flat profile and a wider 9mm band. The black background is carved out to reveal the Realtree antlers. $255


Damascus Steel Realtree Camo Ring

The Damascus Steel Realtree Camo Ring combines one of Titanium Buzz’s best camo inlays with one of the most ancient and mysterious metalworking techniques in all of history… all with a modern twist. This special 8mm wide Damascened band was forged using a legendary method of folding metal onto itself and then shaping it into a dome profile ring with raised edges. The metal is acid-etched to reveal the individual layers of steel stacked on top of each other. The inlay is taken from an actual swatch of fan-favorite Realtree MAX-4 camo. In fact, each ring will display a different segment of Realtree MAX-4. $475


Realtree Camo Ring Damascus Steel Max-5Realtree Snow Camo Ring Black Zirconium

Black Zirconium Snow Camo Ring

 This cool ring combines the invigoration of a crisp, snowy morning with the unstoppable style of the bad boy of exotic metal. Black zirconium is the dark twin of traditional zirconium, a titanium-like metal that is superheated to temperatures rivaling the sun to create an intense black band. The band is 8mm wide, shaped in a flat profile with flat sides, and then polished to maximum anti-brilliance. A 4mm wide band of Realtree snow camouflage decorates the center. The snowy white background, winter-bare tree limbs, and sprigs of fir needles create the perfect contrast for the darkness of the metal. No two camo inlays are alike. $299


Realtree AP Orange Camo Ring

 If you love all that hunter orange stands for, then you’ll want the Realtree AP Orange Camo Ring. This orange camo wedding rings is crafted from titanium and shaped with a classic dome profile. Titanium is exceptionally durable, comfortable to wear, and ideal for wearing when you're outside. The sides are polished to bring out the metal's natural brilliance. Recessed into the center of the ring is a vibrant 4mm wide inlay of Realtree AP camo. Colorized camouflage styles like this one are gaining in popularity and are perfect for sharing your love of the outdoors. $250


Realtree Tag-Style Necklace

Showing off a simple yet rustic style, this necklace is the perfect addition to the Realtree woman’s jewelry collection. It features a nice bronze metal that has a unique patina and color to it. On the smaller tag you will see the Realtree antler logo while the longer piece has the Realtree letters lasered into it. The overall plated rose gold metal chain length measures 24 inches. $55


Realtree Bar NecklaceRealtree Bar NecklaceRealtree Bar Necklace

 The Realtree Bar Necklace displays your love for the Realtree lifestyle even when you can’t be in the woods. This piece has both style and attitude. It features a sterling silver bar pendant (shown in the photo) with the Realtree lettering laser engraved into it. The silver pendant is paired up with a 24-inch plated rose gold style necklace. $55


Rustic Realtree Wood Bracelet

 If you love a rugged, natural look, then the Rustic Realtree Wood Bracelet is an ideal choice. This one size-fits-all chunky bracelet is made from wood-lasered pieces and features a stretchy style band for comfort and fit. Get your hands on something fun and unique. $42

Realtree Rustic Wood Bracelet

For more info, check out www.titaniumbuzz.com.