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LaCrosse Builds Women’s Realtree Waders With Features Female Hunters Want


For many years, women were asked to settle when it came to their hunting gear and apparel. They were expected to use men’s oversized items or lower-quality women’s gear that had been designed without much consideration to a woman’s needs. LaCrosse understands that female hunters deserve to have gear that fits well, functions right and performs without flaw in the field.


For over a century, LaCrosse has prided itself on making top-quality rubber boots recognized for their toughness, durability and comfort. LaCrosse has drawn from its many years of quality craftsmanship to design two high-quality wader options specifically for the female. Decked out in Realtree, the Hail Call and Estuary waders are durable, waterproof and adjustable in all the right paces. Both feature LaCrosse Alpha boots that wrap the female hunter’s feet in premium rubber and neoprene with Thinsulate™ Ultra insulation for all-day comfort. 

Lacross Wader Realtree Max-5 2018 02

The marsh can be unforgiving. It’s cold, wet, and when the wind picks up, can be absolutely brutal. When outfitted in one of these waders, the female hunter determines when the hunt is over, not the weather.

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LaCrosse designs its women’s waders for ultimate warmth and comfort. Hunters can choose from naturally insulating neoprene waders or breathable waders with quilted insulation. Both options provide a fleece-lined hand warmer pocket at the chest and are cut specifically for the female body. They are also easily adjustable to accommodate various body shapes and sizes.


The Hail Call, available in Realtree MAX-5, is nothing if not adaptable. The waders can convert from chest to pant waders by rolling the nylon upper down and securing with the belt. They are insulated and breathable, providing warmth and waterproof protection all without the weight of traditional neoprene waders. And when the temperatures dip and more protection is required, they are roomy enough to add layers. The Hail Call is made of 1600G Thinsulate Ultra high-performance insulation that keeps the hunter warm in the snow and rain without weighing her down. A comfortable, secure Active Fit boot fit keeps her foot in place while on the move. The Swamp-Lite outsole provides superior traction in snow, mud and loose terrain. Underneath the abrasion-resistant and breathable nylon upper is a quilted insulated that delivers lightweight warmth.

Lacrosse Womens Hail Call Wader in Realtree Max-5


The Estuary in Realtree MAX-5 protect the female hunter against the wet, cold muck-ridden turf that waterfowl call their home. The Estuary neoprene waders are not only waterproof and naturally insulating, but they stretch to conform to her body when needed. The neoprene is protected by abrasion-resistant Brush Tuff material so the waders can take whatever the marsh dishes out. A proper fit removes the bulk for better mobility and allows layering underneath. The adjustable chest gusset and athletic X-back straps further ensure their overall comfort. The 1200G Thinsulate insulation keeps her warm in the snow and rain without weighing her down. The Active Fit boot keeps her feet comfortable, secure and in place while on the move. Polyurethane reinforced knees and seat plus abrasion-resistant Brush Tuff bi-directional material provides protection and durability. Cross-back suspenders stay put comfortably allowing for a wide range of movement.

Lacrosse Womens ESTUARY REALTREE MAX-5 2018Lacrosse Womens ESTUARY REALTREE MAX-5 1200G

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