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Keep Tools Handy and Protected with Realtree Cam-Locker Truck Bed Toolboxes


You never know when you’re going to need your tools, so it makes sense to keep them with you at all times. The new Realtree Cam-Locker truck bed toolboxes make this possible. Now available in six Realtree patterns, these camo toolboxes are ideal for the outdoorsman or woman on the go. Hand-crafted in the USA with attention to detail, the boxes are made of .063-gauge construction and use a unique “cam-lock” mechanism to keep tools secure.

New Realtree Cam-Locker truck bed toolboxes | Realtree B2B


Realtree Cam-Lockers are produced by American Aluminum, Inc., which manufactures a wide variety of products from high-quality toolboxes to an extensive line of products designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the law enforcement community.


In 1989, American Aluminum began as a manufacturer of its superior quality Cam-Locker toolboxes. In 1992, due to the demand for safe, secure canine transport for nearby law enforcement departments, the company introduced the very first in-vehicle EZ RIDER K-9 Container.


American Aluminum has continuously grown and expanded its products, catering to the needs and wants of its valued customers and high-profile clientele. Over the years as needs have changed, the products have evolved and expanded to include Inmate Transport Systems, Vault Systems, K-9 Training Aids, Contraband Containment and Animal Control Systems.


American Aluminum strives daily to manufacture the finest products available and always welcomes customer input.


At the first thought of partnering Cam-Locker and Realtree together, we saw success and a perfect fit, as we both serve the same type of customer bringing them top quality and purpose-driven products.

Together we could give them a superior toolbox with the classy touch of Realtree camo.  We all love to have products we use in work and play to have a personal touch that reminds us of what we enjoy most. In addition to the business fit, both of our companies were founded by great men with endless determination to see their visions become a success -- to supply their customers with the best products to succeed in both work and play, all the while maintaining a family focus.

Jennifer N. Arnold, American Aluminum president



The new Realtree Cam-Lockers, available in Realtree Original, MAX-5, Xtra Green, Xtra Colors (Meteorite, Sea Glass and Pear), feature felt-lined interior on all four sides with a removable bottom for easy cleaning and convenient tool tray. The new and improved design features a compressed gas-filled lift lid with cylinders that carry a two-year warranty.


New Realtree Cam-Locker truck bed toolboxes | Realtree B2B

New Realtree Cam-Locker truck bed toolboxes | Realtree B2B

New Realtree Cam-Locker truck bed toolboxes | Realtree B2B

New Realtree Cam-Locker truck bed toolboxes | Realtree B2BNew Realtree Cam-Locker truck bed toolboxes | Realtree B2B


All initial released boxes are designed with low-profile lids (3 inches high) and a matte black bottom finished. Boxes will be available in standard 14-inch deep or 19-inch deep bottoms. Cam-Locker is pre-building in both 71-inch and 63-inch-long boxes. Sizes come in standard 14-inch depth and 19-inch king-size series.


All Realtree camo pattern boxes include the new feature of a fully carpeted interior lid. All lid tops are finished in an ultimate UV protective high-gloss automotive-grade clear coat for a lasting impression.


Mathew Eastman, with Cam-Locker sales, says the two companies make an extra partnership because “Realtree has you covered and Cam-Locker has you secured.”


For more info, visit camlockeronline.com.


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