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K2 Coolers Now Offering Realtree Xtra Coolers as Part of Summit Series Lineup


If you spend much time in the outdoors, you understand the need for a high-quality, dependable cooler. A cooler is indispensable for keeping food and drinks and freshly harvested meat at their ideal temperatures. K2 Coolers is providing outdoorsmen and women with new Realtree Xtra camo cooler options that promise the impressive performance necessary to meet the outdoor enthusiasts’ demands.


"We're proud to offer Realtree in our K2 Coolers Summit Series lineup,” Neal Rohrbach with K2 Coolers, said. “It was an easy decision, as our customers were lining up to strap down a Realtree K2 on their hunting vehicle as soon as we teased the idea. K2 Coolers, Realtree and outdoor enthusiasts alike, are all very passionate about the great outdoors. It's a perfect fit and a relationship we look forward to carrying several years down the road!"


K2 Coolers was started in 2011 and has grown steadily ever since. It’s now in its third generation of coolers with the Summit Series and launched the complimentary Element drinkware in earnest in 2016. K2 became the official premium cooler DU corporate partner in 2014.  To show its commitment to the outdoors, K2 has expanded its support of conservation organizations to include QDMA, CCA, NWTF and others.  It has continued to expand innovative offerings and was among the first to offer wheeled roto-molded coolers back in 2013. 


The new Realtree Summit Series coolers are not only designed to perform at the highest quality standards, but they look great decked out in Realtree Xtra camo, making them ideal for use while hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, swimming or enjoying any other outdoor activity.


The Summit 50 Realtree Xtra Cooler  features one-piece, roto-molded construction to provide extreme toughness and durability, while the SNOWblown™ insulation is injected under extreme pressure, ensuring you get proper insulation for maximum ice retention. The K2 ICEvault™ gasket is designed and installed to lock in the cold and keep the heat out. The LOCKaway™ lid design ensures your contents remain ice cold or steaming hot as it protects them from the outside elements.

Realtree Camo Summit 500 K2 Cooler | Realtree B2B

K2’s TORRENT™ drain plug is designed for quick and easy drainage with just a partial turn, so there’s no need to fully remove the plug and risk losing it. It features a silicone gasket for a water-tight seal.


At Handles (External)


At Top (Internal)

Height at fill line: 11


The Summit 20 Realtree Xtra Cooler may be smaller than the Summit 50, but it’s just as impressive. The Summit 20 features one-piece, roto-molded construction for extreme toughness and durability. The cooler is constructed of food-grade material that is UV resistant and dry ice-compatible. K2’s SNOWblown™insulation is injected under extreme pressure, ensuring proper insulation for maximum ice retention. The K2 ICEvault™ gasket is designed and installed to lock in the cold and keep the heat out. The POSITRAC™ lid latches are designed to create a positive seal and are mounted on molded-in keepers for that perfect closure every time. The ENDURA™ hinge system is a full length integrated hinge that is designed to keep your lid permanently attached. SUREgrip™ rubber feet are non-marking and designed to keep your cooler exactly where you put it.

Realtree Camo Summit 20 K2 Cooler | Realtree B2B

At Handles


At Top




K2 Coolers Realtree Xtra Hat shows off the K2 logo on a stylish Realtree Xtra design. The six-panel, low-profile hat features a pre-curved visor and adjustable plastic closure for all-day comfort.

Realtree Camo K2 Cooler Hat | Realtree B2B

For more information, visit www.k2-coolers.com.


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