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Introducing REALTREE XTREME®: A New Wave in Fishing Apparel


Realtree, a pioneer in authentic camouflage patterns, is proud to unveil its latest creation, REALTREE XTREME®. The innovative pattern will make its grand debut at the 2023 ICAST sportfishing trade show, taking place in Orlando from July 12th to 14th.


ICAST, renowned as the leading showcase for the latest fishing gear, accessories, and apparel advancements, sets the stage for this groundbreaking unveiling. Since the dawn of humanity, our fascination with the aquatic world has led us to conquer seas, oceans, rivers, and lakes. What some might call extreme, we recognize as an unyielding passion – an extreme love for the thrill of the bite.


REALTREE XTREME®: The Symbol of Passion


Inspired by the crashing shoreline and the wake of a boat, Realtree XTREME® is more than just a pattern; it's a badge of honor. It's a declaration of love for the ancestral pursuit to explore the waters for sport, food, and story. It connects the wearer to the salty air, the sun's warm embrace, the zing of a line flying off the rod, and the breathtaking excitement of the catch.


This unique lifestyle pattern offers our partners the chance to customize the pattern's colorways, giving them the opportunity to create unique palettes that align with other category collections. From the initial twenty-five colorway options, inspired by nature and driven by color forecasting trend analysis, the possibilities for creation are endless.


Swatch Book: A Tool to Inspire


A specially designed swatch book serves as a guide, offering inspiration and instructions on how to utilize the pattern. REALTREE XTREME® is as unique as those who wear it, designed to elevate fishing to a higher level with XTREME.



Join us at the 2023 ICAST sportfishing trade show, where we'll reveal the extraordinary world of REALTREE XTREME®. Embrace the extreme. Share our passion. Experience the next level of fishing lifestyle with Realtree.