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INSIGHTS Hunting Fall Line of Realtree Camo Packs and Bags Meet Hunters’ Needs


INSIGHTS Hunting is launching a new line of Realtree camo packs and bags loaded with features designed to help the hunter make the most of his or her time outdoors. The new line comes in a variety of Realtree camo offerings and sizes with both comprehensive and weapon-specific designs.


We’ve been partners with Realtree for many years now because they know what a true partnership should be. The Realtree team not only produces the best patterns in the industry, their team of experts are always ready to help with advice on products, and creative ways of promoting those products.

Realtree is always coming out with new and exciting patterns.  One example is when we went to them needing a solution that better fit our customers in the western states.  They immediately brought us Realtree EXCAPE.  That pattern created the solution we were looking for.


-- INSIGHTS President Jason Grau


INSIGHTS Hunting is known for quality products that are built right. When you pick up a product with the INSIGHTS antler logo on it, you can be assured that product has been designed to specifically meet the needs of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts.


The INSIGHTS brand stands for evidence of the existence of like-minded sportsmen and women who have ideas about how hunting gear should function. Those ideas take form in feature designs meant to meet the demands of the hunter. INSIGHTS strives to provide the best value for products that enhance the outdoors experience. The new line of Insights Realtree camo packs and bags offer better features than ever before.


The Vision Bow Pack, available in Realtree EDGE and EXCAPE, offers a wide main weapon compartment to fit even the longest parallel limb bows. A heavy-duty interior pocket keeps the cam out of the dirt and off the ground. The unibody chassis is integrated between the bow compartment and backplate to keep the load evenly distributed. The new TS3 tree stand shelf and gear basket technology allows bowhunters to access their gear in three convenient modes: storage, shelf and basket. 


The Shift Crossbow Pack, available in Realtree EDGE, is the only pack of its kind to offer a unique optics protector that also functions as a removable gear compartment. The Shift allows the hunter to easily shift from a crossbow to a rifle with very little effort. The Shift’s design combines weapon-carrying capability with comprehensive gear organization for any hunter who shifts from crossbow to rifle, and even muzzleloader season.

Realtree Edge Insight the Shift Crossbow Pack


The Element Day Pack, available in Realtree EDGE, Timber and EXCAPE camo, is INSIGHTS’ most comprehensive hunting backpack, ideal for chasing trophy-class whitetails in the Midwest, calling in big Osceolas in Florida or just going camping. The 3-pound Element offers a ton of space and comes with the popular TS3 front panel system to allow hunters to access their gear in three convenient modes: storage, shelf and basket. The hidden rain fly allows you to be prepared in any element.

Realtree EDGE Insight Element Day Pack Realtree Excape Insight Element Day Pack

The Drifter Super Light Day Pack, available in Realtree EDGE camo, is INSIGHTS’ lightest pack, coming in below 2 pounds. It’s ideal when packing light into the woods is the goal. Three expandable pockets provide plenty of room for essential gear. The center compartment expands to hold large items like a pair of sheds and even a turkey decoy. A breathable and padded back panel ensures comfort on warm scouting trips, early season hunts and turkey season. The adjustable shoulder and chest strap create the ideal fit for comfortable toting. This lightweight pack carries it all, fits comfortably and is ready for scouting, hunting or just everyday backpack needs.


INSIGHTS largest gear bag, the Traveler XXL Gear Bag in Realtree EDGE Camo, has detachable backpack straps allowing you to move massive loads of gear hands-free. The extra-long tarpaulin edges help protect the heavy-duty zippers and help keep your gear out of the elements. With abundant storage space, the Traveler XXL is built for all your outdoor gear storage and organization needs and can tackle even the roughest of airline luggage services.

Realtree Edge Insight Travel Gear Bag


The medium-sized Traveler XL Gear Bag, in Realtree EDGE Camo, is the ideal personal duffel. It has detachable backpack straps allowing you to pack your gear hands-free. Stackable and spacious, the duffel is designed to fit within most airline carry-on compartments. The heavy-duty tarpaulin material protects gear and the extra-heavy-duty handles allow you to pack more and protect more.




If you’re ready to showcase REALTREE camo on your products and take advantage of the Realtree name and exposure opportunities, click here for more info on licensing opportunities.