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Iconic Coleman Brand Stays Ahead of the Pack


One of America’s oldest, most trusted brands is bringing outdoor recreation into a new century, with Realtree camouflage adorning many of its state-of-the-art products.


Coleman Co. Inc. has been synonymous with camping and outdoor fun for more than a century, as generations grew up with the company’s familiar lanterns, stoves, fuel, sleeping bags and other gear. In fact, company historians claim that in 1905, Coleman provided gas lamps for a product demonstration at the first night football game west of the Mississippi River, between Cooper and Fairmount, at Wichita, Kansas. Nowadays, the great products remain, but the company takes a multi-pronged digital-age approach to reach potential customers.


“Social, editorial and grass-roots events are our primary ways to reach consumers,” said Jaimie Robinson, marketing specialist with Coleman. “Every June is National Great Outdoors month, and Coleman sponsors capital campouts in 13-plus states, getting kids who have never camped before out camping on governors’ lawns. On top of that, we have a handful of partnerships with The Boy Scouts of America and national parks, helping us stay in front of the younger population and helping them experience the outdoors so camping doesn’t become a thing of the past.”


Currently, Coleman makes flashlights, coolers, a cot, a duffle, a poncho, a lantern, a spotlight, a sleeping bag and a 10mm PVC suit in Realtree camo. Many of the camping and traditional outdoors products lend themselves well to camouflage, as they appeal to a traditional audience, Still, Robinson said, the interest of Realtree-licensed gear has increased in scope recently.


Realtree Coleman Camping Light

Realtree Coleman Camo Sleeping Bed

Realtree Coleman Camo Cooler

Realtree Coleman Camping Bed

Realtree Coleman Camping Spot Light

Realtree Coleman Camo Light

Realtree Coleman Camo PVC Rain Suits


“Camo fits best with the hunting market, which overlaps a lot with camping and backpacking,” he said. “Even more so, we are seeing camo trending with non-hunters — just outdoors folks.”


“It definitely is a lifestyle statement as well as … hunting. As camo becomes more fashionable outside of the hunting industry, more folks are looking for camo accessories, and we want to give our loyal customers what they want.”


Of course, that’s increasingly challenging in today’s ultra-competitive outdoor recreation market. Coleman uses polls, consumer research and research and development to stay ahead of industry trends, send out a clear brand message and receive helpful feedback.


“We watch what our consumers are doing socially and listen to their comments through customer service to see what we can do to better our products, as well as stay trending with print,” Robinson said.


With such a varied, forward-thinking strategy, don’t be surprised if Coleman and its Realtree-clad products appeal to generations to come.


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