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Hunt Prepared With NAR Realtree Camo First Aid Kits


Whether you’re hunting in the backcountry or on your own property, accidents can happen. North American Rescue (NAR) ensures the hunter is prepared with Realtree camo first aid kits and accessories that are designed with the essentials needed for wound treatment afield.


A premier provider of life-saving products and supplies, NAR works to decrease preventable death by providing highest-quality mission-critical medial products for military, federal agencies, law enforcement, EMS and anyone else who may sustain injuries afield, such as hunters. NAS tests these products based on the military’s Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines, Rescue Human Factors® engineering, evidence-based medicine and an in-depth understanding of customer requirements.


NAR combines the knowledge of seasoned combat medics, leading technology providers and researchers, and asymmetrical warfare experts to be the world leader in tactical casualty care solutions that are laboratory, field and combat tested.


M-FAK Mini First Aid Kits in Realtree Camo -- The compact Realtree camo M-FAK Mini First Aid Kits provide sportsmen and women with the most requested point-of-wounding equipment in the smallest cube space possible, making it easy to pack along with hunting or fishing gear.

M-FAK Mini First Aid Kits in Realtree Camo

The Sportsman version of North American Rescue's M-FAK Mini First Aid Kit was designed to be the most compact, multi-use IFAK for delivering immediate critical care for traumatic injuries in the field. Despite its reduced size, this kit comes fully loaded with the critical medical equipment most requested by first responders operating in the line of duty.


The M-FAK’s super compact, 500 Denier nylon bag opens from the side in a clam-shell configuration utilizing two main sleeves that open on both ends for easy access and features multiple elastic loops for secure gear organization. The bag’s exterior includes a MOLLE backing for mounting in the standard vertical position as well as a 3-inch internal sleeve for accommodating horizontal attachment to your duty belt. The vertical mount can be set to open left-to-right or right-to-left based on shooter preference, while the horizontal mount on a belt allows opening directly to your C-A-T.® tourniquet. Also included are a loop patch on front of the bag for custom user labeling and three MOLLE strips to attach additional gear such as a TQ/Holder (sold separately) if needed.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x C-A-T® (Combat Application Tourniquet®) Orange
  • 1 x 4 in. Flat Responder ETD™
  • 1 x S-Rolled Gauze
  • 1 x HyFin® Vent Compact Chest Seal, Twin Pack
  • 1 x pair Bear Claw® Nitrile Trauma Gloves, lg.
  • 1 x Med Cross Patch (COY/BLK, 2 in. x 2 in.)


Realtree Camo C-A-T® Holder - Designed to allow personnel to place their C-A-T® Tourniquet on their vest or gear for rapid and easy access, the holder is made of 1000D IR Signature Reduced Nylon with MOLLE/PALS-style connectors for versatile attachment. The C-A-T Holder protects your tourniquet from the elements and has an easy-open elastic pull tab.

Realtree Camo C-A-T® Holder


Realtree Camo Sportsman TORK - The Sportsman TORK (Tactical Operator Response Kit) meets the outdoor enthusiast’s need for a compact individual first aid kit carrying the essential life-saving tools for treatment of traumatic injuries in the field. The Sportsman edition of the popular TORK is ideal for outdoor adventures with its sleek, compact size, MOLLE/PALS style connectors and rugged Realtree camo nylon bag with PVC Medic Cross ID Patch. Other features include NAR's signature Red-Tip Technology® rapid opener for fast and easy, one-pull tab opening of the kit and compatibility with NAR’s Quick Detach Panel (available for separate purchase).

 Realtree Camo Sportsman TORK

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Nylon Bag (TORK™) REALTREE® Camo
  • 1 x PVC Medic Cross ID Patch
  • 2 x pair Bear Claw™ Nitrile Glove, Large
  • 1 x HyFin® Vent Compact Chest Seal Twin Pack
  • 1 x C-A-T® (Combat Application Tourniquet®) Orange
  • 2 x S-Rolled Gauze (4.5 in. x 4.1 yd)
  • 1 x 6 in. Responder Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD)
  • 1 x Survival Blanket, Orange
  • 1 x Responder Trauma Shears, Large
  • 1 x Polycarbonate Eye Shield
  • 1 x Chemlight, Green
  • 1 x Mini Duct Tape, 2 in.



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