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Groove Life Realtree Silicone Rings Designed for Active Outdoorsmen and Women


Groove Life has partnered with Realtree to bring adventurous men and women silicone rings designed for the outdoor lifestyle. Available in a variety of Realtree camo patterns, the silicone rings are comfortable, safe, breathable and durable – everything the outdoors enthusiast needs in a ring.


Metal rings are not ideal for those who enjoy outdoors activities. They can be cumbersome, cause the finger to sweat and offer no give if the ring gets hung on something, which can be quite dangerous. Metal rings can also get bent or damaged during outdoor activities. That’s why Peter Goodwin, founder of Groove Life, decided to give silicone rings a try, but he was underwhelmed with what he found.


"I owned a hunting/fishing lodge in Alaska and spent a lot of time guiding,” Goodwin said. “I was excited when silicone rings hit the market around 2013 because I wanted to be able to wear a wedding band while hunting and guiding, but the silicone rings I tried didn’t breathe. When I was hunting, my fingers would sweat and the rings would chafe.”


Recognizing that he was not likely the only outdoorsman with that issue, Goodwin decided to design a ring that offered all-day comfort and breathability. He worked nights for eight months perfecting his design, which featured patented breathable grooves and air-ports to allow air in and moisture out. He kickstarted Groove Ring in December 2015 and before long, everyone wanted one of Goodwin’s rings. The demand became so high that Goodwin sold his lodge and focused all his energy into his business. 


“Rings, especially wedding bands, are unique in that they are sentimental, but they’re not always practical for outdoorsmen, hunters and anglers. Groove Life Realtree camo silicone rings are different. They never have to be removed.”


 Outdoors enthusiasts can wear them hunting, fishing, hiking, biking…whatever.


“You can shower, eat and sleep with a Groove Life band on,” Goodwin said. “They’re an identifier like a t-shirt. They tell the world you are a hunter and you’re taken. And the different camo patterns tell people what type of hunter you are, which is fun as well.”


Goodwin says Realtree camo is a natural fit for the rings because it is synonymous with the outdoor lifestyle Groove Life identifies with.


"I grew up hunting and fishing and Realtree has been in my life since I was a child. I also grew up watching “Realtree Monster Bucks.” Bill Jordan is an icon to me.”


The Realtree camo rings are made of the high-quality, injection-molded, elastomer blend used in hospitals. The rounded interior lessens skin contact for an all-day comfortable fit. The custom-designed rings are made to last and stand up to the wear and tear of the outdoors lifestyle. And best of all, they come with a lifetime warranty.


If your Groove Ring ever rips, tears or stretches, Groove Life will replace it. You’re also covered if you simply don’t like the color or lose it.


Groove Life is now located in an old renovated school building near Nashville, Tennessee, and in addition to rings, offers silicone watch bands and belts.


Realtree EDGE Pink Thin Ring – This ring is the perfect way to sneak the fun and feminine Realtree EDGE Pink camo into any outfit. This ring is perfect for women looking to make a statement while enjoying the outdoors.

Realtree Groove Life Silicone Ring  - Realtree EDGE Pink camo

Realtree MAX-5 Ring -  This wide-band ring is built with the waterfowler in mind. The MAX-5 camo stands out when your out on the town, but blends in on the hunt.

Realtree Groove Life Silicone Ring  - Realtree Max-5 camo


Realtree MAX-5 Thin Ring – The duck-hunting woman will love this durable ring, thanks to the thin profile and the MAX-5 waterfowl pattern. Durability, flexibility and camo combine for a stylish outdoor statement.


Realtree EDGE Ring – The Realtree EDGE ring is ideal for any hunter. The air ports ensure breathability while the camo design shows off a love for the hunt.

Realtree Groove Life Silicone Ring  - Realtree EDGE camo

Realtree EDGE Thing Ring – This thin-profile Realtree EDGE camo ring boasts superior flexibility so you’re ready to pull the trigger when the time comes. The camo ring looks great while reflecting the love of the hunt.


Realtree WAV3 Ring – Reel in the big one wearing the Realtree WAV3 Ring. The air ports and patented grooves ensure cool breathability during your time on the water.


Realtree WAV3 Thin Ring – It gets hot on that boat, but the Realtree WAV3 Thin Ring keeps your finger cool and comfortable thanks to the breathable grooves.

Realtree Groove Life Silicone Ring  - Realtree WAV3 camo

Realtree EXCAPE Ring – This breathable ring performs great and looks even better decorated in the edgy Realtree EXCAPE pattern. Thanks to its stylish appeal and remarkable comfort, you’ll never want to take it off.

Realtree Groove Life Silicone Ring  - Realtree Excape camo

Realtree EXCAPE Thin Ring- You won’t miss that diamond when you slip on the Realtree EXCAPE Thin Ring and head outdoors on your next adventure. Durable, comfortable and camouflaged, this ring is just what you need for your next excursion.





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