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Gator Wader Deck Boots in Realtree Camo


As unique as those who wear them, Gator Wader Women’s Deck boots, available in Realtree Aspect Ocean Spray, Dreamsicle and Sky options in the Realtree Store, keep your feet dry while showing off a fun and edgy outdoors appeal.

The Deck Boots feature an interior neoprene lining for comfort, while the 100% waterproof rubber outer layer keeps your feet dry in the soggiest conditions. Scuff and slip-resistant outsoles and reinforced heels and toes offer ultra durability and protection during your time around the water.


Wear them on the boat, on the shore or anywhere your feet may get wet. These deck boots not only keep your feet dry and comfortable, but they turn heads with their stunning Realtree Aspect colors.


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