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Fencepost Productions Realtree WAV3 Fishing Shirts Offer Premium Quality at Discount Prices


A high-functioning, great-looking fishing shirt is a must for your time on the water, but it shouldn’t break the bank. The new Realtree WAV3 fishing tees and hoodies, designed by Fencepost Productions, offer everything you want in a fishing shirt at a reasonable price.


These sharp-looking and functional shirts look fantastic decked out in Realtree’s WAV3 pattern, which boasts a stylish fashion look and plenty of intricate detail. The stunning pattern and variety of vivid colors reflect the angler’s lifestyle on and off the water.


Often our customers want the newest, never-seen-before patterns, and thanks to our relationship with Realtree, we are able to provide just that. Our team works closely with Realtree’s team to ensure we have and can use all of the newest patterns each season. Getting to see and use the newest patterns Realtree has to offer is a privilege Fencepost has thanks to years of working with them and proving we can help get their amazing patterns out to the world.


-- Fencepost Productions CEO Matt Gray


Based in Independence, Missouri, Fencepost Productions has been a leading designer and distributor of outdoor apparel since 1999 under its well-known brands Staghorn River, Northern Outpost and Willow Trails. The products include an impressive variety of outerwear, fleece tops and bottoms, flannel tops and bottoms, and a full line of performance sportswear designed for those who live the outdoor lifestyle.


Fencepost is known for innovative design and superior quality and its brands are sold at all major department stores, sporting goods stores, mass merchant retailers and national online retailers.


The new Realtree WAV3 tees and hoodies are a durable and stunning must-have addition to the angler’s wardrobe.


The Staghorn Men’s Short Sleeve Performance Tech Fishing Tee available in a variety of Realtree WAV3 pattern colors, may not make you a better angler, but it will ensure you look and feel better during your time on the water. This high-quality fishing shirt is made of 100% Polyester for durable and cool all-day wear. This budget-friendly tee is proof that a great fishing shirt doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Realtree Wav3 Camo Performance Tech Fishing Short Sleeve Tees

The Staghorn Men’s Long Sleeve Performance Tech Fishing Tee comes in a variety of Realtree WAV3 pattern color options that look great on the water or out on the town. Made of 100% polyester, this long-sleeve tee keeps the angler cool while protecting his skin from the sun’s harsh rays.

Realtree Wav3 Camo Performance Tech Fishing Long Sleeve Shirts

Everyone needs a great hoodie and the Staghorn Men’s Fishing Camo Performance Tech Hoodie fits the bill, but at an affordable price. Available in a variety of Realtree WAV3 pattern colors, this 100% Polyester hoodie is the perfect choice for the angler when temperatures drop.

Realtree Wav3 Camo Performance Tech Fishing Hoodies

For more info, visit www.fencepostproductions.com.