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Elevate Stand Co. Brings Realtree EDGE Camo to the Treestand Market


Elevate Stand Co. has introduced the first lineup of treestands and climbing sticks that feature Realtree EDGE camo. The Realtree EDGE camo pattern ensures that the treestands and climbing sticks blend in at close or far ranges naturally. These lightweight Realtree EDGE camo products make toting them to and from the setup easy and their durable design ensures they hold up against the elements.


We recognize that the ability to become one with your environment can make or break an encounter in the woods. When it comes to concealment, there is no room for second best. Thus, a pattern as versatile as Realtree EDGE becoming available for the first-time ever on a full mobile system truly elevates the game. All the little things add up to give you a big advantage in the field. Now, you can have true edge.


 - Brittany Stuffs, Elevate Stand Co. creative developer


Elevate Stand Co. designs, engineers and manufactures its 100% American-made products in-house in its Kansas facility. Launching in 2021, Elevate Stand Co. set out to design and innovate a cutting-edge system that elevates performance in every way for mobile hunters.


Realtree EDGE® Ultra Hang On -- The Ultra is perfect for the run and gun bowhunter who loves to hang and hunt. At just 6.25 pounds, the Ultra will get you right into their bedroom no matter how far that might be from the road. A secure, rigid set can be achieved with ratchet or cam buckle installation, depending on your preference. The base and seat can be adjusted to remain flat allowing you to get into almost any tree. Elevate’s Ascend Climbing Sticks easily attach to the stand, leaving room for your backpack and a comfortable hike.



Realtree EDGE® Rize Hang On -- The Rize Hang On provides excellent mobility without compromising comfort. Weighing just 8 pounds, this treestand offers a generous platform and seat size making it ideal for both mobile and extended hunting sessions. The 1.75-inch seat cushion minimizes any unnecessary movement while you’re in the stand. Notable features include the new seven-slot upright posts that enhance versatility and enable easy mounting on various trees. Additionally, the new offset hybrid tree anchor ensures secure attachment, even on non-straight trees.


Realtree® EDGE Element Hang On -- The Element offers the perfect balance of weight, strength and mobility. Lightweight and packable without sacrificing size or comfort, this stand meets the needs of mobile public-land hunters or private landowners that want to set a stand and leave it for the season. With sticky tree spikes and double upright posts, the stand locks in for a rigid, comfortable set. If a difficult tree is the spot you need to be, the base and seat can be adjusted to remain flat allowing you to get into almost any location. The Element offers a ratchet or cam buckle depending on your preferred setup method.


Realtree EDGE Ascend Climbing Sticks -- Engineered to complete Elevate’s mobile system, the Ascend Climbing Sticks are available in packs of four. The patent-pending magnetic design enables simple stacked transportation. A fixed dual foot-rung feature ensures a safe climb and adds more foot space. If used properly, these sticks will ensure that you can get into your favorite treestand quickly and safely. The Ascend Climbing Sticks are attached to the tree with a cam buckle provided with the purchase of each stick. Like all Elevate products, they are made in the USA and built to meet the demands of any hunter.

Realtree EDGE Mobile Bundle – This bundle has all you need for a successful stand setup.


It comes with:

  • Your choice of Realtree EDGE hydro-dipped Element*, Rize* or Ultra Hang on Treestand

(cushion and your choice of cam buckle or ratchet strap included)

  • Your choice of four Realtree EDGE® hydro-dipped Ascend Climbing Sticks in 17" or 20"

(Four cam buckle straps included)

  • Treestand shoulder straps
  • Three gear ties