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Economic Impact of Hunting and Shooting


The contribution to America’s economy from our country’s millions of hunters and shooters is much bigger than the average person probably would guess. According to summary data presented by the National Shooting Sports Foundation in its 2015-2016 Industry Reference Guide, the total economic impact of hunting and target shooting combined equates to $110 billion.


For perspective, if the 866,000 jobs created by hunting and target shooting were part of a single business, that enterprise would be the seventh-largest employer in the world!


Some $15 billion in taxes are generated by hunting and target shooting, and these activities account for a whopping $48 billion in retail sales.


Among more than 50 hunting-specific expenditure categories that are tracked, here are a few of the most notable (2011 statistics):


Hunting land: $6 billion


Pickups, campers and RVs: $6 billion


Private transportation: $4.5 billion


Food, drink and refreshments:  $3.2 billion


Off-road vehicles: $1.9 billion


Land leasing: $1.4 billion


Ammunition: $1.3 billion


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