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DSG Outerwear 2021 Fishing Line featuring Realtree WAV3


It’s not enough for the female angler to just look great during a day out on the water; she wants her fishing apparel to keep her cool, protected and comfortable as well, especially when the temperatures heat up.


DSG Outerwear has just introduced a line of warm-weather Realtree Fishing decorated apparel and accessories for women and girls with pieces that are designed for high functionality with a flattering feminine fit. The new warm-weather fishing apparel is a natural addition to an already impressive lineup of DSG women’s snow, hunting and ice fishing apparel.


DSG stands for ‘Doing Something Great’ and this mission is embodied in all its products. It is believed that we are doing something great by not using the typical ‘shrink it and pink it’ mentality that is often used for women’s gear in male-dominated sports. Since 2010, DSG Outerwear has continued to engineer female clothing that is warm, comfortable, fashionable, and functional.

-- Wendy Gavinksi, DSG Outdoors owner/founder



DSG Outerwear, originally Divas Snow Gear, was founded by Gavinski in 2010 after she grew more and more frustrated by the limited selection of women's outerwear for snowmobiling and skiing. She started off with a casual line of snowmobile apparel that received an overwhelming reaction from female customers. Outerwear, complete with rhinestone accents, a feminine fit, quality materials, and a vibrant color scheme, hit the market next. Then, Gavinski and the DSG Outerwear team expanded into a highly functional hunting line, featuring a variety of Realtree camo options and a true feminine fit. Moving forward to the winter season of 2019, DSG Fishing was born first with the launch of ice fishing outerwear, base layers, gloves and casual wear, and then, open water-fishing shirts, shorts, and accessories were released in the spring of 2020. With the launch of these additional lines, DSG now has offerings for each season.


Realtree was DSG’s original go to in 2017 when first creating our female-exclusive hunting line because of their beautiful and functional camo patterns. Upon talking to their team, we realized immediately they are like a family and their values are like a family which perfectly aligns with DSG. Not only did they take a chance on a startup business knowing the market needed functional, fashionable, and comfortable female apparel, they helped us get noticed in the marketplace immediately. They did this from their outstanding reputation with consumers, along with their established business relationships.


-- Wendy Gavinksi, DSG Outdoors owner/founder


The new fishing shirts, shorts, and accessories, available in a variety of Realtree Fishing patterns, offer exactly what anglers want and need, such as sun protection, moisture-wicking fabric, comfort and excellent fit.


DSG Fishing Kai Realtree WAV3 Fishing Shirt --  Kai provides the performance she wants and deserves for a great day on the water. This great-looking shirt has UPF 50+ sun protection to shield against the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays. It’s a cool and comfortable option with a higher collar and long sleeves for extra sun coverage, available in three gorgeous colorways: Aqua, Navy, and Salmon with the Realtree WAV3 Pattern.

DSG Fishing Kai Realtree WAV3 Fishing Shirt


DSG Fishing Realtree Fishing® Camo 1/4 Zip Shirt - This sporty fishing shirt shows off the Realtree Fishing pattern and offers UPF 50+ sun protection to protect delicate skin from damaging UV rays. This head-turning top offers a women’s-specific fit and features a center front quarter-length zipper. The polyester-spandex blend wicks away sweat while providing four-way stretch comfort.

DSG Fishing Realtree Fishing® Camo 1/4 Zip Shirt


DSG Fishing Wave Shirt - Featuring the Realtree WAV3 Sea Blue or Aqua pattern, this stunning shirt has UPF 50+ sun protection — the highest rating on the ultraviolet protection factor scale, so your skin will be guarded against the sun’s harsh and damaging rays. The sleek, functional top has a hood and mesh side and underarm sleeve panels for added ventilation. 

DSG Fishing Realtree Fishing® WAV3 Shirt


DSG Fishing Kristina Fishing Glove - The perfect blend of function and style, these lightweight, flexible Realtree Fishing gloves offer UPF 50+ protection. The gloves come in six great colorways: Realtree Fishing Salmon, Realtree Fishing Navy, Realtree Fishing Aqua, Realtree Wav3 Salmon, Realtree Wav3 Navy and Realtree Wav3 Aqua. The lightweight half-finger gloves use stretch-performance fabric with synthetic suede palm overlays. A cuff tab with the DSG printed fish logo aids in pulling the glove on your hand, and a finger loop aids in taking it off.

Realtree Women Fishing Gloves


DSG Fishing Nora Realtree Fishing Pattern Hooded Shirt – This cute, but highly functional shirt provides UPF 50+ sun protection to shield delicate skin from the sun’s damaging rays.  The Nora comes equipped with a hood for additional sun protection, a removable neck gaiter and a kangaroo pocket. It’s available in three gorgeous colorways: Aqua, Navy, and Salmon with the Realtree Fishing pattern.

DSG Fishing Nora Realtree Fishing Pattern Hooded Shirt


If you’re ready to showcase REALTREE camo on your products and take advantage of the Realtree name and exposure opportunities, click here for more info on licensing opportunities.