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DivvyUp Gives One Pair of Socks to Those in Need for Every Pair of Realtree Socks Purchased


DivvyUP Realtree socks are the ideal way to display a love for all things outdoors. With options in Realtree EDGE and Timber camo for the hunter and WAV3 for the angler, DivvyUP ensures every outdoorsman has a sock option that reflects his or her passion.


Realtree edge camo socks

Realtree Timber camo socksRealtree wav3 camo socks

But DivvyUp does more than just sell socks. The company was founded with the goal to sustainably provide socks to those in need.


In March of 2014, the founders of DivvyUp were students at Florida State University. While taking part in the entrepreneurship program, they took a trip to the local homeless shelter looking for an opportunity to help. They expected to hear “food” or “housing,” when they asked about the shelter’s biggest need, but they were surprised to learn there was a huge need for clean socks. And that’s where the inspiration for DivvyUp was born.


The students wanted to start giving immediately, so their professor provided them with a $400 loan to purchase and sell fun socks with a mission to give a pair to the shelter for every pair the community purchased. They set up around campus and were able to give 160 pairs of clean socks to the Tallahassee homeless shelter after the first six weeks.


They were inspired by the initial success and decided to expand. They built a website, created a fun brand, and purchased even more socks from established sock companies.

DivvyUp was officially founded on August 19, 2014. By April 2018, DivvyUp had gifted 100,000 pairs of socks to those in need. DivvyUp is now working to reach a goal of 1,000,000 pairs of gifted socks. That’s where outdoor enthusiasts can help.


Those who purchase Realtree socks from DivvyUP not only help toward accomplishing this worthy goal, but they get to enjoy a great pair of stylish and comfortable socks that reflects their outdoor lifestyle.


These stylish Realtree socks are made of polyester, nylon and spandex for a cozy and secure fit throughout the day.


Wear them around camp, on vacation, out on the town or at home lounging around. These Realtree socks also make a great gift for the outdoor enthusiast.


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