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Collaboration Boosts Camo and Inflatable Leader


Intex Recreation Corp. has traveled a long road from beach balls to camouflage airbeds, but the results make perfect sense in the modern recreational marketplace.


The Long Beach, California, company started more than 40 years ago, and its first inflatable product was a beach ball. In the 1970s, Intex was called The Wet Set, and magazine advertisements from 1975 and 1977, complete with bikini-clad models, touted the company’s Surf Rider pool floats.


Fast-forward to 2016. Intex is a worldwide family of companies that’s become a leader in spas, toys, boats, furniture, above-ground pools and high-performance airbeds. The latter category, in the highly competitive camping market, led it to become a Realtree licensee. Currently, Intex makes the Realtree Queen Pillow Rest Raised Airbed with a built-in electric pump.

Realtree Pink Swim Tube

Realtree Pink Swim Tube

Realtree Xtra Queen Pillow Rest Raised Airbed With Bip

Realtree Xtra River Tube Connect Lounge​

Realtree Xtra Camo Mega Chill Ii Airboat

Realtree Mega Chill Ii

Realtree Xtra Mega Chill Ii

Realtree Xtra Seahawk 2 Boat

Realtree Xtra Seahawk 2 Boat

“We believe that camo and camping products are a natural fit,” said Marvin Natareno, marketing manager for Intex. “It’s a perfect marriage for the outdoor enthusiast consumer. As of late, these type of products have also grown outside of this group to more of the mass or traditional camper.”


It wasn’t always that way. At first, Intex looked at Realtree camouflage licensing as a way to market its airbeds to a traditional vertical outdoors audience.


“Initially, we were targeting the growing camo hunting consumer, but over the years, we have seen a trend in consumers that buy our Realtree camo products as more a lifestyle statement,” Natareno said.


That statement reveals information about the company’s dedication to its craft. Natareno said Intex focuses on identifying and staying ahead of trends to remain a leader in its varied markets. That requires constant coordination.


“Overall it’s a collaborative effort,” he said. “As the category leader in airbeds and pool floats, we do a great deal of consumer research to ensure we are meeting our consumers’ expectations as well as creating innovative products within our categories. Along with research and development, we also work closely with our retail partners.”


That alone isn’t enough, however. Natareno said the company simultaneously works to get its message out to potential consumers, many of whom are awash in a sea of advertising and social media information.


“We use traditional arenas of communication and also work closely with Realtree to engage our consumers through our social media efforts together,” he said.


And that partnership helps Intex meet a goal stated on its website: “to be the most recognizable, trusted and innovative company in our industry.”


“Working together with the No. 1 camo maker definitely helps market and sell to our consumers and retail channels,” Natareno said.


For more information on Intex Recreation Corp, visit www.intexcorp.com.


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