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Celebrate in the Great Outdoors with Realtree Fireworks


Outdoor enthusiasts love doing everything outside, included celebrating. What better way to celebrate holidays or big events than with fireworks that reflect a love of the outdoors?


Realtree Fireworks (developed and distributed exclusively by Spirit of '76 Fireworks) is a line of top-quality consumer fireworks wrapped in officially licensed Realtree patterns and sold across the U.S. by independent firework dealers.


We recognized that many Americans who enjoy fireworks also enjoy hunting, fishing and the great outdoors, so targeting the outdoor enthusiast demographic was a no-brainer for us. Additionally, brand recognition is an issue in the fireworks industry; it is often difficult for customers to identify which brands have the highest standards for their products. Realtree stood out to us as being one of the most recognized outdoor brands with high-quality standards, so our partnership with Realtree is great because it helps customers quickly identify high-quality fireworks with amazing effects. We are extremely pleased to be the exclusive distributor of Realtree Fireworks!

-- Sam Christensen, Spirit of ’76 Fireworks content marketing specialist


Shoppers can find a Realtree Fireworks dealer near them at realtreefireworks.com/buy.


Artillery Shells

Wildcat Cartridges: These 5-inch canister shells are custom-made for maximum BOOM! The box is wrapped in Realtree Original camo, and each shell is labeled for effect.Multi-Shot Cakes

Snow Trax: Get buried in an avalanche of white strobing breaks with this loud and popular 500-gram multi-shot cake. Each of the 10 booming shot fills the sky with glittering stars.

Realtree Snow Trax Firework

Monster Bucks: Check out the spread on these giant racks! Beams of silver glittering tails fork into tines of brocade crown with color glitter and blue stars. Each of the 15 shots ends in a 20-point finale of crackling willow.


King/Queen of the Line: Every bass angler will recognize the stunning hues of their favorite fish.  The effects include multi-color mines, vivid breaks of brocade, color stars, or glitter strobe, and a finale of blue mine to gold, purple, and crackle breaks. One side of the label says "King" and the other says "Queen." 30 shots.

Realtree King Queen of the Line Firework


Full Strut: This 500-gram multi-shot fans out with the colors of a turkey’s feathers with a vivid multicolor finale. 19 shots.


It’s A Buck/Doe: Such a fun way to reveal your baby’s gender! This 500-gram, multi-shot single-effect cake is ideal for gender reveals. Colorful breaks of blue OR pink pearls accentuated with gold glitter. 26 shots each.

Whistling Wings: The 500-gram multi-shot features whistling tails that lead to multicolor peonies and falling leaves interspersed with birdshot crackle. 18 shots

Realtree Whistling Wings Firework

Crosshairs: The 500-gram multi-shot takes aim with straight shots of color stars with green, gold and white glitter, brocade crown with blue, crackle, color, pearls and red palms, and brocade comets to brocade crown with crackle. 28 shot


Pheasants in Flight: The 500-gram multi-shot sends birds into the air in a burst of green and gold mines to sea-blue stars, and take flight as gold willows to red stars and gold willows to green stars. Ends with a three-shot finale of gold willows to red, green and blue stars. 33 shots.

Realtree Pheasants in Fight Firework

200G & 350G Multi-Shot Cakes

Pheasant Hunt - These pheasants take flight with red tail to red stars and white glitter, green tail to blue stars with white glitter, spinners to crackle, red tail to red and blue stars, and a chrysanthemum finale. 16 shots.


Greenheads: The water stirs with crackling mines as the ducks flush with crackling tails up to green strobe breaks. 15 shots.

Realtree Greenheads firework

Wild Boar: Thick color mines lead up to gold and color breaks. Features a whistling barrage and a patriotic finale. 20 shots.


After the Hunt: Sit around with your friends and enjoy this bonfire show. Features silver willow with red glitter, gold willow with yellow and blue, silver spring, gold spider, and more.


Blaze:  Enjoy a blazing bonfire of red, green and gold fliers. The show wraps up with a colorful crackling finale.

Before using fireworks, please make sure you and everyone with you knows about the safe handling of fireworks. Check out the Fireworks Safety guide: https://www.realtreefireworks.com/safety