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Camouflage Trends - What Consumers Want


When I need to purchase new hunting attire, I spend hours, days and even weeks researching what brands and patterns will provide the advantage I need in the field. It’s something I enjoy doing, so I take my time. How do your customers purchase their camo clothing? Do they need to see it in person so they can feel the material? Do they prefer comfort over durability, or vice versa?


Some clothing is made specifically for hunting certain types of game. Other styles are designed to better fit a certain type of hunting situation. The fact that no two hunters shop the same way is exactly why Realtree offers so many different patterns, and it’s the reason that those patterns can be found on so many styles of clothing.


Realtree Outdoors funded a study focusing on what consumers are interested in while purchasing new camouflage products. The results are interesting and shouldn’t be overlooked.


When given the choice to select all that apply, the No. 1 reason why participants selected their preferred brand was: “This brand has patterns that best fit the landscape and conditions where I hunt.” This was selected 60.3% of the time. Other reasons include:


This brand has better selection and prices – 15.2%

Better quality products are available in this pattern brand – 10.2%

This brand offers a greater selection in my size – 8.5%

This brand offers more selection and options for women – 2.4%

They do a better job of educating me about camo patterns and when to use them – 2.3%

Other – 24.2%


Camo Trends - Top reason for switching brands


When asked if they were using the same camouflage brand as five years ago, only 50.6% said yes. This means almost half of customers have switched brands at some point. Why? What did another brand offer that their previous one didn’t?

The top reason for switching brands was: “Improved patterns and better match for the surroundings where I hunt,” with 47.7%. Other reasons for switching brands include:

New clothing technology – 34.4%

Better quality – 26.8%

Better sizes and fit – 20.5%

Greater selection – 19.5%

Other – 10.3%