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Big Market for Hunting Video Products


Realtree has always been at the forefront of producing high-quality hunting videos. This year marks the release of the 23rd edition of the Monster Bucks Series. It’s hard to comprehend how technology has changed since Bill Jordan and Team Realtree introduced the hunting world to their brand of heart-pounding, big-buck action.


When the first Monster Bucks videos were introduced 23 years ago, “digital video” sounded cool but had no real meaning to the average person. For most folks, the pinnacle of technology was watching a video on their VHS player. And cell phone video? That idea would have been beyond the grasp of all but technological experts.


Now that recording equipment is priced within reach of most everybody, and thanks to advancements in smartphone video quality, it seems that everything, everywhere is being recorded. It’s truly amazing how quickly things have changed. But you knew that. What you might not realize is that while hunters have jumped onto the video recording train, it’s a segment that’s poised for much more growth.


It might seem – especially if you watch the parade of shows on the growing number of channels that carry 24-hour outdoor programming – that carrying a camera is as important to every hunter as carrying a gun or bow. But that’s far from the case. The following survey numbers published in October 2014 by the National Shooting Sports Foundation provide some insight.


According to the data, only 6.8% of hunters video-record their hunts. Considering we have roughly 20 million hunters annually in the U.S., that’s still a lot of camera-toting outdoorsmen and women. Of course, the other 93% present a mighty big opportunity! Some more stats:


How long have you been video recording hunts?


Less than one year 


One to two years


Three to four years


Five or more years



How often do you video record your hunts?



About half the time







What do you use to video record the hunt?

Helmet/Mounted video camera


Video camera/camcorder


Still camera that also records video





Manufacturers who make it easy for do-it-yourselfers to capture their hunts on camera are in a great position to get a bigger piece of the hunting market. Check out this case study showcasing iON Camera and its Realtree-clad CamoCAM to see how this partnership is helping iON grow its business.


 Do you have products that would help hunters capture their hunts on video? Visit our Licensing page to see how Realtree can help you reach the next generation of outdoorsmen and women who are finding that aiming a camera can be as exciting as taking a shot at a monster buck.