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Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Models Now Available in Realtree MAX-7 Camo


Benelli has redesigned it’s Super Black Eagle automatic shotgun platform with a focus on three areas of critical importance to the serious waterfowler -- Improved ergonomics, intuitive, flawless functionality and an updated design, style and feel. Best of all, several of the new models feature Realtree MAX-7 camo for ultimate concealment in marshland environments. The Realtree MAX-7 camo models offer absolute superiority in the most unforgiving conditions.


All the amazing attributes that made the Super Black Eagle 3 America's favorite 31/2-inch chamber shotgun are now also available in Realtree MAX-7 camo for those who shoulder firearms on the left side.


Benelli USA, headquartered in Accokeek, Maryland, offers the largest selection of semi-automatic shotguns in the world, as well as a variety of rifles, pistols, and shotguns through the Benelli, Franchi, Stoeger, Uberti USA, and Chapuis brands. Because of its commitment to precision manufacturing and innovation, Benelli USA’s family of brands are recognized as the world’s leading manufacturers of premium firearms for competitive shooters, hunters, and defense professionals. Benelli’s SBE3 line of semi-automatic shotguns rises to the occasion with its exceptional ergonomics, flawless performance, and unwavering shot-to-shot reliability.


The new Realtree MAX-7 models are offered in 12-, 20-, and 28-gage chambering options. The SBE 3 boasts an array of impressive features, including Benelli’s renowned ComfortTech® 3 System and Crio®-treated barrels and choke tubes. The enlarged bolt release and handle, combined with improved grip-to-trigger geometry, provide both ergonomics and functionality.


ComforTech™ was the first recoil-reduction system of its kind. By splitting the stock diagonally and utilizing shock-absorbing chevrons, the entire stock was essentially turned into a recoil pad. This chevron system, now 13 years old, is still the most efficient design possible, and was the basis for the SBE 3 stock. The chevron size and location has been optimized on Comfort Tech 3. Furthermore, Benelli engineers have developed a new cheek comb pad, Combtech, which greatly reduces facial impact and vibrations.


The clean-burning Inertia Driven System never requires adjusting, cycles consistently in a variety of conditions and easily handles everything from light field loads to 3½-inch magnums. From a cleanliness and speed perspective, gas systems simply cannot compete—whereas Inertia-Driven Benelli shotguns are known to fire 500,000+ rounds and still function without flaw.


A larger bolt release and safety, along with an outward angled drop lever, makes the SBE 3 quicker and easier to operate–even with gloved hands.


Each Benelli barrel is cryogenically treated resulting in a slicker surface offering less resistance to wads and shot charges. With smoother, more uniform surfaces, Benelli Crio® barrels deliver superior patterns and stay clean longer.


Versatility without compromise means that SBE 3’s patented locking mechanism is designed to work flawlessly with all shotgun loads—from light clay loads to the ultimate goose-busters.


A beveled loading port, redesigned carrier and a new two-piece carrier latch have all been incorporated into the new Super Black Eagle 3 to make loading the magazine effortless. During loading, only the front section of the Easy Loading System’s two-piece carrier latch actually moves, allowing shells to slide up easily with minimal tension or possibility of jamming. Grooves in the loading port help you guide shells in without having to take your eyes off incoming birds. The new, beveled loading port also features a wider design to help funnel shells toward the magazine, a must for gloved hunters.


Benelli’s new-for-2023 SBE 3 shotguns in Max-7 are available in the following models in barrel lengths of 26 and 28 inches:

Super Black Eagle 3 – 12-Gauge, 3.5”, MSRP: $2199


Super Black Eagle 3 – 12-Gauge, 3”, MSRP: $1999


Super Black Eagle 3 – 20-Gauge, 3”, MSRP: $1999

Super Black Eagle 3 – 28-Gauge, 3”, MSRP: $1999



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