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Ancient Inspiration Leads to Camo Sleeping Bag Suit


The idea of blending into nature via camouflage started with the hunting industry but has transferred seamlessly to other outdoor arenas.


Just ask the folks at Selk’bag USA, a Solana Beach, California, company that manufactures cutting-edge sleepwear systems, including two models adorned with Realtree Xtra.


“It is a natural fit in that camouflage is targeted to the outdoor industry as a pattern that fits for outdoor enthusiasts who like to find themselves in the outdoors as often as possible,” said Alexa McRoberts, account manager at Verde Brand Communications, which handles public relations for Selk’bag. “It is a pattern that campers connect to.


“If you walk into a Cabela’s or a Bass Pro store, the entire store has camo on everything. It’s truly a lifestyle for people and isn’t secluded to just the woods or hunting.”


The company drew its name and inspiration from the Selk’nam, a nomadic people that lived in Tierra del Fuego, Chile. According to selkbagusa.com, the Selk’nam were highly concerned with personal presentation and relished the chance to paint their bodies and faces. They were known for their strength and toughness in adapting to hostile, extreme environments, and their silent resistance to thirst, hunger, fatigue and freezing temperatures gained them respect from Europeans and fear from their enemies and neighbors.


Selk’bag manufactures sleepwear systems that are essentially wearable human-shaped sleeping bags known for their comfort, warmth and versatility. Currently, the company offers two models in Realtree Xtra: the Pursuit, which is an entry-level model available in two youth and four adult sizes; and the Instinct, a more technical model with more features and insulation, available in four adult sizes.

realtree selkbag camo pursuit men sleeping bed suit

realtree selkbag camo pursuit men sleeping bed suit

realtree selkbag camo pursuit men sleeping bed suit

realtree selkbag camo pursuit women sleeping bed suit

realtree selkbag camo pursuit youth sleeping bed suit

Of course, covering a product in camo isn’t enough to propel it to the forefront of the highly competitive camping and outdoors recreation market. Selk’bag stays on the cutting edge by delivering high-performance gear that no other manufacturer can offer.


“Luckily, we have a product that is trending at the right time and is still currently ahead of the competition,” McRoberts said. “We want everyone to know that every insulated jumpsuit is a Selk’bag.”


The company also takes a pragmatic approach to let consumers know about its great products, and McRoberts said that requires a multi-faceted strategy.


“We attend industry trade shows such as Outdoor Retailer summer and winter markets,” she said. “We also share Selk’bag with media in the industry, telling the Selk’bag story and allowing them to test the products out for editorial review opportunities. We use social media (Twitter, @selkbagusa; Facebook, Selk’bag USA; and Instagram, selkbagusa) to share brand news and are constantly being flooded with awesome photos of people living life to the fullest in their Selk’bags.”


And partnering with the world’s top camouflage company also boosts consumer exposure and awareness, especially with folks who love the outdoors lifestyle.


“Realtree is considered (to have) the world's most versatile camo patterns, so it’s pretty clear why we would want Realtree to be associated with our Selk’bag name,” McRoberts said. “Realtree has been around for over 30 years and continues to be innovative in their designs, offering the highest-quality patterns on the market today.”


For more information on Selkbag USA, visit Selkbagusa.com. Or Contact  Alexa McRoberts, [email protected].


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