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7 Great Ways to Dress Up a Pickup Truck – with Realtree!


America’s nearly 100-year love affair with the pickup truck is well documented. However, style is one major thing that has changed since those first Ford, Dodge and Chevrolets rolled off the assembly lines. Body styles? Yes, but more specifically — the styles in which we treat our vehicles is what has changed the most.


Whether you’re looking to go all out with a new rig or just wanting to spruce up an old flame, try these lines on your pickup truck and see which ones it likes the most.


1. I’d like to wrap you in accents.

Who wouldn’t love to have their pickup truck fully wrapped in camouflage? Hey, it’s beyond cool and even functional for diehard hunters. But in lieu of that kind of investment, we all can trick out our trucks to make them super cool without going all in. One option: the new accent wraps I’m sure you’ve seen popping up across the country. A 12-in-by-28-inch wrap retails for $120.

Realtree Camo Truck Accent Warp | Realtree B2B

2. I see bed bands in your future.

If you go with an aforementioned side accent wrap, then you’ll most likely want to add a few bed bands to your rig. These self-installed wraps run vertically on the rear back end of the vehicle’s rear quarter panels — between the bumper and the wheel well. Several styles are available, including a really neat antler pattern from Realtree. This particular pattern features a solid “antler camo” band that starts at the bottom of the truck panel and wraps the crease of the wheel well just above the panel’s halfway point. In the middle is a classy Realtree logo. Above that is a final strip of camouflage that wraps over the bed lip. Bands retail for about $30.

Realtree camo bed bands | Realtree B2B


3. Let me cover your seat.

You know you’re in a serious relationship with your truck when you take the plunge and invest in new interior covers. Serious hunters like custom seat covers for all those autumn days involving wet dogs and rugged gear. No matter where you are on the spectrum, there’s a seat cover — or seat cover system — for you. All Realtree patterns are available, including Realtree Mint for custom looks. Retail prices range from $30 for a single bucket-style seat to $59 and up for bench-style seats. If you’re looking for a tough-as-nails cover system, check out the Realtree wraps from Carhartt. They feature Carhartt’s heavy-duty, firm-hand duck-weave fabric and triple-stitched main seams. They are custom patterned for a perfect fit and available for front, middle and rear rows. These prices start at $176 and up.

Realtree Camo seat Covers | Realtree B2B

4. I’ll hold you closer.

These form-fitting wraps keep the steering wheel free from dirt, grime and everyday wear. They are made from soft-touch, odor-reducing fabric and feature rubberized grips for secure handling. The covers also feature reinforced interior rings for durability. Numerous styles and camo patterns are available, and prices range from less than $10 to $20.

Realtree Camo Steering Wheel Cover | Realtree B2B

5. You look good from the front.

Several states do not require government-issued license plates on the front of vehicles. Why let all the good “real estate” go to waste? Add a camouflage plate to further declare your love of hunting and the outdoors!  Realtree Xtra plate. It retails for just $9.99 and is a great conversation starter.


6. You have great skin.

That’s especially true when that skin is Realtree and it’s inside the vehicle! Interior skin packages are easy to install and custom-designed to wrap the vehicle’s dashboard panels, including the steering wheel column, air vent openings, etc., with camouflage accents. Several Realtree patterns are available. Retail: $13.

Realtree Camo Interior Truck Vinyl Skin | Realtree B2B

7. You’re my trophy truck.

Chevy trucks are easily distinguished by the front-grill emblem. The inlaid emblem can now be decked out with a Realtree decal that fits perfectly inside the chevron-cross logo. It will turn any ordinary emblem into a bedazzled trophy. Retail: $10.

Realtree Camo Chevy Enblem | Realtree B2B

Editor’s Note: Do truck accessories fit into your retail or distribution business? If so, we invite you to get in touch with a Realtree account manager to find out how you can grow your business with America’s No. 1 camo brand. For more information on aftermarket truck accessories, click here.